Mission statement diversity

Mutual respect, a cosmopolitan outlook, internationality and a diversity of perspectives: from its position in the centre of society, the University of Münster lives out diversity in all its dimensions. The diversity of the members of the University – with their individual characteristics, competencies and perspectives – is something that drives us and to which we are committed. Diversity is lived out every day in learning from one another, in open exchanges of opinion, in self-reflection and in overcoming shared challenges. The University of Münster understands diversity as an enrichment and as an opportunity. Diversity lived out in practice is an elementary foundation for innovation and excellence in research, teaching, studies and administration. It strengthens the profile and the position of the University in the national, European and global educational contexts.

Diversity is a central task which is important for all areas of the University, across the entire organisation. All members of the University actively contribute to shaping an organisational culture which is free from discrimination and which promotes equality of opportunity, doing so by reflecting on stereotypes in their own thinking and by rectifying patterns of behaviour which marginalise other people. For the University of Münster, as a public institution, Living.Knowledge.Diversity also means assuming responsibility in society. For this reason, the University is committed to transporting into society a diversity based on mutual esteem and respect.

The University pursues a proactive policy of diversity, at the heart of which is equal participation for all members of the University – regardless of their ethnicity, religious or sexual orientation, age, gender, disability or social background. The aim is to promote, in a lasting way, a culture on the campus and in the organisation which is marked by mutual respect and esteem and in which the principles of freedom from discrimination, equality of opportunity and equal participation are implemented consistently.

In order to strengthen the conditions necessary for this, the University of Münster actively promotes the elimination of institutional barriers as well as of structural and individual discrimination. In view of the diversity of the members of the University, particular attention is paid to the interdependency of individual dimensions of diversity. This means that the University creates an environment in which individual potentials and competencies are promoted according to people’s needs, the opportunities offered by diversity continue to be taken up, and equal access is opened up to studying and to academic and non-academic careers alike.

The University of Münster aims 

  1. to continue to pursue a policy of embedding diversity, freedom from discrimination and educational equality in the University’s core activities for the long term  – and of raising people’s awareness of these issues – by means of a wide range of offers and a targeted development of strategies and measures at all levels,
  2. to establish transparent processes, within already existing centralized and decentralized University structures, which create opportunities to recognize discrimination and structural barriers at an early stage and to eliminate or avoid such barriers,
  3. to promote diversity as a value by means of a systematic communications strategy and the optimization of PR work both inside and outside the University.

Basis for this announcement:
Decision of the Rectorate on 23.07.2020 (Submission 2020/0565)
Noted and agreed to by the Senate on 15.07.2020 (Submission 2020/0524)