WWU Compliance Office

The University of Münster is obliged to comply with a broad range of legally binding external and internal rules on research, teaching and knowledge transfer activities. Mutually respected norms and shared values at the administrative and faculty levels make it easier for employees to interact and carry out their diverse tasks. This framework of rules and standards not only helps to counter professional misconduct, but also contributes to the positive development and reputation of the University and the awareness of its responsibility to society.

The term “compliance” as used in business generally refers to adherence to legal, economic and ethical standards. And the complexity of these rules and standards is increasing by the day. By enhancing transparency and optimising organisational and procedural processes, compliance management aims to promote conformity with legal regulations and norms which apply to the conduct of all members of the University of Münster. In this way, the University can avoid violations which could result in unforeseen and unwittingly caused negative consequences.

Under the direction of the Compliance Officer Prof Dr Theresia Theurl, the WWU Compliance Office serves as a contact point and coordination office responsible for bundling existing compliance measures and information, ensuring coherence, responding to queries, engaging in discussion on compliance in a university context, and preventing non-compliance from negatively impacting the operations of the University of Münster.

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