Niko Hildebrandt: Förster resonance energy transfer for multiplexed diagnostics and imaging

Inflammation & Imaging Lecture Series by CRC 1009, CRC 1450 and CRU 342

Niko Hildebrandt, Université de Rouen Normandie, France

Under the umbrella of the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre (CiM), three research networks at the University of Münster – the Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) 1009 and 1450 as well as Clinical Research Unit (CRU) 342 – have joined forces to further develop their research strengths focusing on “dynamics and imaging of inflammation and infection”. In this lecture series, they discuss the most recent advances and innovative research ideas with international colleagues and the scientific community in Münster.

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Vorträge, Vorlesungen
Mo 30.01.2023, 13 Uhr - 14 Uhr
Inflammation & Imaging Lecture
Multiscale Imaging Centre (auditorium), Röntgenstraße 16, 48149 Münster and online
Everyone interested is welcome! For online access please get in touch at giving your name and institution.
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