Information on vocational training at the University of Münster


In order to put together a successful application, the first thing you must do is carefully consider your professional ambitions. When you are certain you have obtained sufficient information about the occupation in which you wish to be trained – either through your school, the employment agency or other sources – and your choice corresponds to your personal abilities, inclinations and interests, then you are one important step closer to your goal.

In addition to demonstrating general interest in your prospective occupation, it is naturally helpful if your academic performance at school and/or subject focus correspond to the position for which you are applying. We expect candidates to have achieved very good final marks on their secondary-school certificate (Hauptschule (type 10 B), Realschule , Berufsschule (vocational school) or Abitur (general university entrance qualification)).

For those who haven't yet decided on a occupation, here are two more tips:
beroobi – A Project of Networked Schools [de]
Girls' Day – Future Day for Girls [de]

There are also several academic projects at the University of Münster which can help you further. The online platform not only provides information about training programmes for certain occupations at the University of Münster, but also gives you the chance to assess your strengths and weaknesses with regard to mathematical competence.

As a vocational trainee, you will receive intensive and target-oriented instruction by qualified and committed trainers in order to prepare you for your future career. Your training will take place in an fascinating and challenging work environment at one of the largest and most historically rich universities in Germany.

Vocational training

  • Programme structure

    Before training at the University of Münster begins, all new vocational trainees are officially greeted at a welcoming event.

    During the event, we provide the participants with extensive information about the University of Münster as a vocational training facility and the most important contacts during the training period.

    Participants have the chance to meet their fellow trainees and learn more about the programme from experienced trainees who have already completed several years of vocational training.

    Those who are training for commercial occupations are encouraged to regularly change positions during their training period so that they can become acquainted with a diverse range of business-related tasks within the University.

    In the industrial-technical and manual occupational fields, candidates are trained in the workshop or laboratory of an institute – and often in direct contact with researchers and students.

    Supervisors are responsible for teaching the prescribed content of the training programme and monitoring the candidate's learning success. They also serve as advisors and contacts for all training-relevant matters.

  • In-house seminars

    In addition to the instruction provided at the vocational schools, our trainees regularly participate in in-house seminars where they can gain additional qualifications. Experienced trainers optimally prepare candidates for upcoming examinations and the challenges of starting their career after their training period is over.

    Apart from seminars on training-relevant topics, we also offer special seminars which focus on developing the trainees' soft skills. The following seminars are included in our programme:

    – Communication training
    – Application training
    – Telephone training
    – Self-confidence and social conduct in professional life
    – Additional seminars are organised and carried out according to the needs of the participants

    As one of the largest universities in Germany with an ever-growing international focus, the University of Münster also offers its vocational trainees in commercial occupations an extensive English language training programme which culminates in the IHK certificate.

  • Internships

    The University of Münster offers internships for pupils in order to help them choose an occupation and provide an opportunity to become acquainted with the University as an employer.

    We encourage you to spend some time looking into what occupations might interest you. Also make sure to apply early as there are only a limited number of internships available.

    Please include the following documents in your application:
    – Application letter
    – Curriculum vitae (CV)
    – Recommendation letter from your school

    Please send your complete application for an internship to:

    Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
    Abteilung 3.5 - Personalentwicklung
    Stichwort: Praktikum - "Bezeichnung des Ausbildungsberufs"
    Schlossplatz 2
    48149 Münster


    We look forward to receiving your application!

  • ... Other details

    In this section we wish to inform you about other services and benefits the University of Münster offers its vocational trainees.
    Like an employee at any company, you are entitled to a salary and holiday time when you work at the University of Münster. But the University offers much more than that – in keeping with its motto "living.knowledge" (wissen.leben).


    In accordance with the collective labour agreement for vocational trainees of German states (TVA-L), vocational trainees are currently paid the following amounts (valid as of 1 December 2022):

    1st year in training:  1,086.82 euros/mo.

    2nd year in training:  1,140.96 euros/mo.

    3rd year in training:  1,190.61 euros/mo.

    4th year in training:  1,259.51 euros/mo.

    The University of Münster also pays vocational trainees capital-forming benefits totalling 13.29 euros per month.


    At the end of each year, our trainees receive a special annual payment totalling 95% of their November salary. All candidates who pass their final examinations receive an additional bonus of 400 euros at the end of their training programme.


    Trainees are required to work 39 hours and 50 minutes per week.


    To feed such a large student body and its many employees, the University of Münster operates a variety of dining facilities. We recommend joining the 38,000 students who visit our dining halls and bistros every day for lunch where they enjoy wholesome and inexpensive meals.


    Vocational trainees are entitled to 30 days of holiday each year.


    Continuing education courses play an important role in personnel development – especially at a university. The staff of the University of Münster can take advantage of such measures, including a comprehensive in-house continuing education programme [de].

    But even during a period of vocational training, we impress upon our candidates the importance of life-long learning in the sense of "after the training is before the training". During their training programme, the participants can sign up for in-house seminars which supplement the practical knowledge they learn on the job and the theoretical instruction received at vocational school. These seminars are intended to help candidates hone their soft skills and prepare for their examinations.


    The University Sports programme (HSP) contributes to improving communication between members of the University community, encourages them to embrace a healthy lifestyle and helps them maintain and improve their physical and psychological resilience and stability, all of which provides a balance to their intellectual activities.
    Our vocational trainees are welcome to take advantage of our extensive University Sports programme featuring over 100 different types of sport and physical activity. For more information visit the University Sports webpage.


    The University of Münster offers its staff a business subscription which entitles them to a discount when using public buses and trains operated by the Münsterland Ruhr-Lippe Transport Authority. Read about our business subscription here. [de]


Selection process

In the following, you will find information detailing the application requirements and selection process for those who wish to apply for admission to a vocational training programme at the University of Münster.

  • Application

    In most cases, your application materials normally determine our first impression of you. That is why we strongly recommend spending sufficient time preparing your application accordingly.

    Your application should contain the following documents:

    1. Application letter with personal contact details (telephone number, email address)
    2. Curriculum vitae (CV)
    3. Photocopies of your last two report cards
    4. Copy of your certificate of disability if you are severely handicapped
    5. Certificates of completed internships
    6. Certificates of supplementary qualifications

    Please refrain from using transparent pockets, binders or folders!
    If you are interested in several vocations which require training, please apply separately for each occupation!

    Please note:
    In cases of similar qualification, preference is given to applicants with severe disabilities, and to female applicants in the manual/industrial-technical fields.


  • Placement test

    Candidates are required to take a placement test for most occupations. On the basis of their test results and application materials, we invite suitable applicants to a personal interview.

    What is tested?
    The written test assesses the candidate's general knowledge, mathematical aptitude and German skills. The placement test for manual/technical-industrial occupations also assesses the candidate's abilities in logical thinking and abstraction.

    The placement tests generally contain math problems which candidates must solve without any technical aids (e.g. calculators). We advise you to prepare yourself by revising the basic arithmetic operations, as well percentages, fractions and the rule of three (cross multiplication).

    If math skills are important to the area in which you are seeking training, you can check whether you are adequately prepared for entry in such occupations offered at the University at Münster by taking a self-assessment test at:

    To better prepare for the placement test, you can find additional materials and sample tests at libraries, book stores and, of course, the Internet.

    Please remember:

    • Show up on time for the test.
    • Bring the invitation you received and be ready to show it if asked.
    • Make sure to take writing utensils with you.
  • Interview

    If you receive high marks on your placement test, we will then invite you to a partially structured personal interview. This one-on-one interview usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes.

    The interview is a chance for us to meet and get to know each other better. It is a chance for you to get an impression of the University's vocational training programme and the training supervisors. Please use this opportunity to ask any questions that come to mind as you prepare for your interview.

    In addition to the training supervisors for the corresponding occupations, you can also expect to meet the trainers, the Youth and Trainee Representative, and, if you are severely handicapped, the University Representative of the Severely Disabled.

    Interview process
    At the start of the interview, you will be introduced to all of the participants and the interview process will be explained to you.
    You should then introduce yourself and answer the questions posed by the interviewer.
    Afterwards, you will have the chance to ask your own questions so that you can learn more about the University of Münster as your possible training facility.

    At the end of the interview, we will provide you with some important details about the University's vocational training programme and tell you when you can expect to be notified of our selection decision.

    For most occupations requiring training at the University of Münster, the interview is the final step to receiving a place in the programme. In the manual/technical-industrial occupations, we may choose to invite you to participate in a short preliminary internship.


    General tips for a successful interview

    • Prepare yourself well for the interview and schedule enough time
    • Don't be late
    • Familiarise yourself again with the occupational profile and the University of Münster as an employer
    • Take your time when answering questions, and if you don't understand a question, feel free to ask the interviewer to clarify
    • Feeling nervous and tense is absolutely normal and is often the best prerequisite for a successful interview

    And don't forget, we too are a little nervous because we, as your future training provider, want to make a good impression on you!


  • Contact

    We are happy to answer any specific questions you have about the vocational training measures at the University of Münster or the application process. Simply call or send us an email.


     Mg 5920 Klein

    Ute Jankrift, Tel. +49 251 83-22157


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    Hanne Bens, Tel. +49 251 83-22084



    We look forward to meeting you!