Thesis in the Dept. of Sport and Exercise Psychology
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  • Thesis - general information

    The graphic describes the general procedure for writing a thesis in the Dept. of Sport and Exercise Psychology. Please inform yourself about your preferred topic, the supervisor and write it to the secretary's office with your desired time period for the thesis. You will then be invited to a general preliminary discussion about the process and can already clarify first questions. Only after that the concrete topic identification with your supervisor follows. An important note in advance: in sport and exercise psychology it is obligatory to combine a final thesis with research methods, i.e. a data collection is planned, carried out and evaluated.

    Guidelines to write a successful thesis

    Hypotheses table

    thesis in the dept. of sport and exercise psychology
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  • Colloquium - FAQ

    What is a colloquium?
    In the colloquium, students who are writing their final thesis or other research projects at the Department of Sport Psychology are presenting these. Afterwards, possible questions, e.g., about the method or derivation of the research question, are discussed.

    When and where does the colloquium take place?
    The colloquium always takes place on Mondays, from 10-11.30 a.m. (s.t.) in room Leo 17.22 every two weeks. A detailed overview of the dates can be found in “dates and regulations for study program”.

    Why do we do a colloquium?
    During the colloquium you will get questions and feedback from your supervisor, other members of the department and other students, so that you can clarify open questions and improve your work. You will also get to know different scientific papers, so that you can take away good tips and tricks for your work.

    How long is my presentation?
    You have a total of 30 minutes in the colloquium. Your presentation should be a maximum of 15 minutes, so that we can discuss it for about 15 minutes afterwards.
    Your presentation should contain the following
    o    Introduction
    o    Theoretical and empirical background
    o    Question and hypotheses
    o    Methodology
           •    Planned sample
           •    Measurement methods

    When should I plan my presentation?
    In order to be able to change things in your methodology, it is necessary that you present your work before the data collection. Please discuss with your supervisor beforehand which date makes sense from your point of view.

    Can I also present my M12 project or my Systematic Review in the B.Sc. & M.Sc.?
    The presentation of course work from other modules except M15 (B.Sc.) and M8 (M.Sc.) is only possible if timeslots are available and after consultation with your supervisor.

    In which language can/must I give my presentation?
    The language of presentation and discussion depends on the language of the thesis as well as the examination regulations. For students with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees, a presentation in English is mandatory. For students in education programs, the language of presentation can be freely chosen (German or English).

  • Dates and regulations for study program

    How do I get an appointment?
    Enter your name in this list and book your colloquium date in consultation with your supervisor.

    When is the net colloquium?

    The next information event for final theses in sports psychology as part of the colloquium, as well as an input for deriving questions and hypotheses, will take place on Monday, 11.12.2023 10:00-11:00 in room Leo 17.22.
    Input 1: Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt: General procedures for final theses
    Input 2: PD Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper: Derivation of questions and hypotheses for final theses

    Date Theme
    11.12.2023 Input 1 & Input 2 (AB Sportpsychologie)/presentation
    15.01.2024 presentation
    29.01.2024 presentation

    Is the colloquium obligatory for my degree?
    For a better overview we have listed the different study programs here

    Colloquium and Degree
    Study programm/Degree presentation attendance LP/CP
    Bachelor of Science: Human Movement in Sports and Exercise

    M12: in consultation with supervisor
    M15: mandatory



    M12: recommended
    M15: recommended


    1 LP (12 incl. Thesis)
    Master of Science: Sports, Exercise and Human Performance

    M6: in consultation with supervisor
    M8: mandatory



    M6: Recommended
    M8: mandatory


    24 LP (incl. Thesis)
    Bachelor Lehramt (PO 11 and PO 18) no recommended  
    MA Lehramt (PO 14 und PO 21) recommended; in consultation with supervisor recommended