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  • LABG 2009 (PO 11) - Examiners

    Examiners of the Department of Sport and Exercise Psychology: 
    Prof. Bernd Strauß, Prof. Maike Tietjens, PD Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper, Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt

  • Modul M2

    Basic lecture "Social Processes"
    Examiner : Prof. Henk-Erik Meier
    Registration for examination MAP 2 (A) is organised independently in HISLSF. You should be receiving an information email of the Service Center Sport in advance. All important information on the examination are given in the lecture "Social Processes" of Prof. Meier. The dept. of social sciences in sport is organising the examination of MAP 2 (A).

  • Modul M3

    "Social Processes" MAP 3
    Commissioners: Prof. Henk-Erik Meier, Barbara Halberschmidt, PhD
    Examiners from the dept. of social sciences: Prof. Henk-Erik Meier, Mara Konjer, PhD

    In this module you can receive up to 10 CP.  Prof. Meier opens his STO 18 courses for STO 11 students. The course "Begleitseminar Sportpsychologie" is open for students of the LABG 2009 (STO 11).

    All information about the examination (literature, procedure etc.) can be found here: Modul 2-fach BA: M3 (pdf). The application for the examination is conducted by the Service Center Sportwissenschaft. Make sure that your chosen special subject is registered! There is only one date of examination each semester. If you have any questions, the examination is organized by the examination office of the WWU: Link to examination office

  • Modul M 11  (MA STO 14)

    Master "Sport and Exercise Psychology"
    Commissioner: Barbara Halberschmidt, PhD

    Please note the following information: In M 11 classes and courses concerning sport and exercise psychological issues and topics as well as seminars concerning research methods are offered. We recommend visiting three classes/courses before you attend the oral digital examination. Please note that the seminars are to be voted via HISLSF.

    Registration for the MAP 11 examination takes place on a form that can be found on the sides of the PA. Fill in your special topic and examiner. All information about the examination (literature, procedure etc.) can be found here:
    Modul M11 Sport and Exercise Psychology [de] (pdf)