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  • LABG 2009 (PO 18) - Examiners

    Examiners of the Department of Sport and Exercise Psychology:
    Prof. Bernd Strauß, Prof.'in Maike Tietjens, PD Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper, Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt, Dr. Lena Henning, Dr. Charlotte Behlau.


  • Module M3

    Scientific foundations - sports psychology

    Module supervisors: Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt & Prof. Bernd Strauß Additional module supervisors for the area of training science: Prof. Claudia Voelcker-Rehage and Prof. Eric Eils

    Examination: In module M3, a final module examination is written with content from the combination of two lectures (sports psychology and training science) and two seminars in the form of an MC written examination lasting 120 minutes (L2, LF) or 60 minutes (LG and LH). The MAP comprises questions relating to the content of the lecture and the seminar as well as related research methodological knowledge. You register for the exam independently at HisLSF; you will receive an information email from the Service Center Sport in advance. You will receive all important information about the exam during the lecture "Sport Psychology" and the accompanying seminars.

    You can find information about your degree program here as a LINK

  • Modul M12 (MA STO 21)

    Responsible for the module: Prof. Bernd Strauß, Prof. Henk-Erik Meier

    LG: The oral examination for the primary school teaching degree (LG) is designed in the same way as the written MAP from BA Module 3, i.e. we assume that the contents of the sports psychology - basic lecture and the accompanying seminar on sports psychology from the current semester will be included in the examination.

    L2 and LF: Master's module 12 can be completed with a 45-minute oral examination. Registration is done using a form that you can download from the  MA Examination Office website.

    If you want to take your exam in the AB Sportpsychologie, please send the completed form to Ms. Riccio Santos (Secretariat Sportpsychologie), she will then coordinate the examiner, date and assessor and give you feedback.
    Registration procedure:
    1. E-mail from the examinee (incl. application) with request for examination to the examiner and/or secretariat, Ms. Santos, stating the desired examiner(s) and possible examination times.
    2. Feedback (application) regarding examiners, assessor, date by Ms. Santos.
    3. Examinee sends request for an oral examination to the responsible person in the PA by e-mail with examiners in CC.
    4. PA sends protocol to examiner and confirms date.

    Choice of examination topics: For examinations in MAP "Social Processes" Module 12 (L2 and LF) in AB Sport Psychology, candidates are examined on the basis of the textbooks and the respective chapters contained therein in four topics in total. In addition, candidates choose two articles to start with and prepare the basics of research methods. After registration, examinees are enrolled in a Learnweb course where they will find all the exam literature (and all information about the exam). The content of the examination is listed here as PDF in german language.



    For examinations in the MAP "Social Processes" (L2 and LF) from April 2024 in the field of sport psychology, candidates will be examined on the basis of the textbook with the basics of sport psychology and the textbook with the basics of research methods and the respective chapters contained therein in five central topics in total. You can download the information here as a pdf in german language. You will also be entered in a semester-independent Learnweb course, where you will also find the information.