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  • LABG 2009 (PO 18) - Examiners

    Examiners of the Department of Sport and Exercise Psychology:
    Prof. Bernd Strauß, Prof.`in Maike Tietjens, Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper, Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt


  • Module M3

    Basics in sport and exercise psychology

    Commissioner: Dr. Barbara Halberschmidt
    Further commissioner: Prof. Bernd Strauß and re: Training Prof. Claudia Voelcker-Rehage and Prof. Eric Eils

    Exams: Registration independently in HisLSF. You should be receiving an information email of the Service Center Sport in advance. All important information on the examination are given in the lecture "sport psycholgy".

    Examination: The examination in the M3 module will be a combined MC - exam based on two lectures and two seminars. The duration of the exam is 120 minutes (L2 and LF) or 60 minutes (LG and LH). 
    The department of sport psychology offers three to four courses during the summer-term as well as the winter-term. These courses can be chosen by a special electoral process (Learnweb). The seminars will be identical and will offer a deeper look into the topics of the lectures, further preparing you for the final exam. Seminar participation will be finalized by an exam (Study Points) including topics of the lecture, the seminar, and research methods.

    You can find information re: your study program here as a LINK

  • Modul M12 (MA STO 21)

    Responsible for the module: Prof. Bernd Strauß, Prof. Henk-Erik Meier

    In this topic-oriented compulsory module, the Department of Sport Psychology works together with the Department of Social Sciences of Sport on topics from "social processes". After a broad introduction to six sports science sub-disciplines in the Bachelor's program, the module picks up on the knowledge and competencies imparted there and aims at an exemplary subject-specific deepening. In contrast to the Bachelor's program, this module is topic-oriented, with at least two disciplines cooperating as a rule. In addition to classical seminar courses, theory-practice links and research workshops are also offered. The courses aim at deepening subject-specific and research-methodological competencies, which are also used in the sense of preparation for subject-specific Master's theses.

    Two seminars can be taken with a workload of 3 CP (90 hours) each, the project seminar has a workload of 6 CP (150 hours). The module is concluded with a 45-minute oral MAP.

    Starting in WS 21/22, the Department of Sport and Exercise Psychology will open an MA seminar for students of the new master's program. The content of the seminar is related to "social processes". The work area Social Sciences of Sport will open two MA seminars for students of the new MA, one of which will be offered as a project seminar. After a transitional phase, each department will offer one MA seminar each semester, the project seminar will be offered alternately by the Dept. of Social Sciences of Sport and Sport and Exercise Psychology.

    The master's module 12 can be completed with a 45-minute oral examination. Registration takes place using a form that you can download from the website of the MA Examination Office. You bring the completed form to the secretariat, to Ms. Santos, she then coordinates the examiner, appointment and attendance.

    Please note: the examination for the primary school teaching  (LG) is designed in the same way as the written MAP from BA module 3, i.e. we require the content of the examination from the sport psychology - basic lecture and the accompanying seminar in sport psychology of the current semester as examination content.

    The exam for the other teaching posts (L2, LF, LH) is  entered and explained here soon.