Coronavirus - Information from the Institute

Last updated: 12/22/2020

Due to the COVID 19 epidemic, we need to take some measures to slow down the spread of the virus and protect employees and students. Please keep yourself actively informed about new developments on this site and on the WWU central information page on a regular basis.


  • Summer semester 2021:
    • You can find an overview of the courses in the summer semester here.
    • The summer semester 2021 will initially start completely digitally.
    • If there are opening options, you will be informed about them in the events; Students who are not in Münster can in any case complete the summer semester 2021 digitally.
    • Please make sure to register for all lectures you want to attend so that the lecturers of the lecture can invite you to the Learnweb if necessary: ​​here.
  • Winter semester 2020/21:
    • Since the EMU since October 27th works in "restricted operation", teaching is currently exclusively digital.
    • The block events during the lecture-free period are also exclusively digital.

Examinations at IfS


  • Exams in the lectures
    • All planned face-to-face exams of the Institute for Sociology in the Halle Münsterland or in the lecture hall building in February 2021 have been canceled. Therefore, the following alternative plans now apply:
    • The exams of Prof. Weischer ("Methods I", "Statistics I" and "Introduction to Social Structure Analysis") and Dr. Heimken (“family, school, youth”) will take place within the last two weeks of March 2021. The exams are written face-to-face whenever possible (central organization by the WWU in the Münsterland hall or in the lecture hall building of the WWU). If the pandemic situation or the spatial conditions do not allow the exams to be written face-to-face, they will instead be offered digitally during the period mentioned. The lecturers will inform you as soon as possible about the exact offer and the dates.
    • Individual solutions are provided for students for whom the later exam date poses a problem due to possible deadlines. Please contact the lecturer directly in this regard.
    • Alternative services are offered for the exam with Prof. Tezcan, information on this can be found in the Learnweb course for the lecture.
  • Exams in the seminars
    • The exams as part of seminars (seminars by Droste, Schumacher, Ulbrich, Wild) are all offered digitally on the dates originally planned. You will be informed about any possible postponements during the seminars.

Oral Examinations and Final Papers

  • Oral exams at the IfS will only be carried out digitally until March 31, 2021. Your examiners are the first point of contact for questions and planning.

  • Further information on examinations (including registration for final theses) can be obtained from the relevant examination offices (especially Examination Office I)
  • Deadlines for final theses have been extended again for the period of lockdown. Those affected will be informed directly by the examination offices about the deadline extensions.

Service office (central contact point for all questions about studying at the Institute of Sociology)

  • Current information on the availability of the service office can be found here.


  • Please follow the instructions on the internship website [de] for the digital registration of the internship and for submitting the internship report.
  • We have also found an interim solution in case you were unable to complete your internship in the summer semester 2020 or winter semester 20/21 due to the Corona Pandemic, which would only prolong your studies.

Closure of institute´s building

  • The institute´s building is open to all members of the WWU (including students) with a specific request.
  • For personal contact at the institute, please contact the personal staff member by phone or email. These meetings with you, whether an on-site meeting where this is the issue or the conversation is not otherwise possible. Service office, business office and research office (i.a. supervises the Erasmus program) are also affected.
  • Entering the building is only permitted with a mask.
  • We strongly recommend holding discussions by telephone or video conference and, above all, using the option of scans for documents.
  • Many employees are currently working in the home office, but can still be reached there by e-mail or phone.
  • The Sopo-Pool is still not available for public use. There is an advisory service for digital teaching and the use of digital services at the WWU. There is, however, an advisory service for digital teaching and the use of digital services at the University of Münster. For students of the subjects sociology and political science, it will also be possible from October 1st, 2020 to use SPSS and MaxQda on site (e.g. as part of homework or examination papers). To do this, please contact the Sopo pool team.

General Information

  • The central WWU information page contains a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions from students and the corresponding answers from the university:
  • General questions and answers about coronavirus
    WWU info page