Last update: 10 June 2021

Information on the coronavirus by the Rectorate of the WWU

The update status for each target group can be found in the respective box below.

Dear Students, Staff and Guests of the University of Münster,

To our great relief, the infection rates in Münster and NRW have fallen to such an extent that the University of Münster can now take further steps towards reopening in adherence to the Coronavirus Protection Regulations and the “General Directive for Conducting Courses, Practical Elements and Examinations at Universities of North Rhine-Westphalia”.

Students of all semesters are now allowed to attend in-person courses offered with simultaneous digital access.
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The University management has announced that students must be allowed to complete the current semester in digital form. The departments should ensure that a corresponding digital programme is available.

In addition, students of all semesters may now participate in hybrid elements (in-person instruction with simultaneous digital access) and additive, in-person elements. The faculties have been asked to provide detailed information about these courses on their respective websites.

Let us all work together responsibly so that the University can return to full operation with in-person instruction – a goal we can achieve by taking care of each other and doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

For more details on study, teaching and employment at the WWU, please visit the following pages:

The departments are ensuring that courses continue to be offered in digital form.
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The planning staff of the University of Münster can be reached via the central email addresses (;;;

The most important questions are updated on a regular basis. We encourage you to stay informed by visiting the websites listed above.

In the interest of protecting yourself and others, we urge you to continue taking advantage of the numerous testing opportunities offered at the resident testing centres (for addresses, visit: [de]).

We wish you all the best and great success at the University of Münster!

Kind regards,

The Rectorate

Mandatory face masks

Since 1 September 2020, it is mandatory to wear a face mask (covering mouth and nose) in all circulation areas and in common rooms inside University buildings.

Last update: 26 October 2020

General questions about the coronavirus

What are the typical symptoms triggered by the coronavirus? What should you do as a student or employee if you test positive for COVID-19? How can you protect yourself from the disease?

Last update: 10 June 2021

Information for students

Regulations for studies at the University of Münster to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Last update: 21 June 2021

Information for employees

In addition to the information and regulations presented here regarding the University's measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, employees can find further information, instructions and decisions by the University management in MyWWU.