Members of the Faculty Plenum

The table provides information on the members of the faculty plenum as well as information about who is available for supervision. At least one of the members of a supervision panel must hold the academic title of a professor or junior professor.

Prof. Dr. Anja Binanzer (German Philology)

language acquisition and multilingualism, German as a second or foreign language, contrastive linguistics, morphology, didactics of grammar and multilingualism

(associate member - not available for new supervisions)

Dr. Andreas Bittner (German Philology)

morphology, phonology, grammatical theory, language change, language acquisition

(associate member - not available for new supervisions)

Prof. Dr. Jens Bölte (Psychology)

speech production and speech perception, morphology and phonology, event-related potentials and eye movements in the psycholinguistics

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christina Clasmeier (Slavic Linguistics) Translation studies, aspectology of Slavic languages, syntax of Polish nominal phrase, psycholinguistics of Slavic languages

Prof. Dr. Antje Dammel (German Philology)

historical linguistics of German (grammar und pragmatics); German compared with other Germanic languages and under typological comparison; language change and variation (empirical and theoretical),
morphology and morphosyntax; onomastics

Prof. Dr. Gunther De Vogelaer (Dutch Philology)

morphology and syntax of Dutch, theory of language change, language acquisition, dialectology

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Deuber (English Philology)

varieties of English worldwide (special focus: Caribbean), English-based pidgin and creole languages, sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics, language use in media (each in relation to the English language)

(Prof. Deuber is currently not available for new supervisions)

Prof. Dr. Christine Dimroth (German Philology)

language acquisition and multilingualism, information structure and construction of discourse, focus particles and verum focus, comparative linguistics and thinking for speaking, language biographies and the age factor in language acquisition

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Grießhaber i.R. (Language Centre)

second language acquisition, foreign language teaching, new media in foreign language teaching, writing in a foreign language

(associate member - not available for new supervisions)l

Prof. Dr. Susanne Günthner (German Philology)

language in interaction, syntax of spoken language (German, Chinese), theory of grammaticalization, communicative genres (text types), interactional sociolinguistics

(Prof. Günthner is currently not available for new supervisions)

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gut (English Philology)

language acquisition, corpus linguistics, language teaching research, language change in the postcolonial varieties of English, experimental phonetics and phonology

Prof. Dr. Michael Janda (Indo-European Studies)

language and culture of the Indo-Europeans, cultural reconstruction, Homer and ancient Greece, ancient Asia Minor, layers of the Etruscan language, historical phraseology

Dr. Katharina König (German Philology)

language ideology and language attitude regarding migration-related multilingualism, interactional linguistic, multimodal linguistic, German as a foreign language, language criticism, institutional language

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Köpcke (German Philology)

grammar (morphology and syntax), language acquisition research, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics

(associate member - not available for new supervisions)

Dr. Romana Kopeckova (English Philology)


third language acquisition, second language speech perception and production, the age factor

Dr. Dietha Koster (Dutch Philology)

laguage acquisition, multilingualism, psycholinguistics, applied linguistics, mental lexicon

Dr. Jens Philipp Lanwer (German Philology)

interactional linguistic, use-based linguistic, cognitive grammar, variational linguistics, multimodal communication, phonology, syntax

Dr. Netaya Lotze (German Philology)

pragmatics, artificial intelligence and language, language and identity in public discource, critial media linguistics, artificial intelligence in e-learning tools

Prof. Dr. Dejan Matić (General Linguistics)

information structure, discourse typology, pragmatics, language description and documentation, typology, semantics, syntax, indigenous languages of Siberia, languages of the Balkans, Ancient Greek

Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz (English Philology)

Teaching Methodology of Literature and Cultural Studies, Learning by Design, Blended Learning, Developing Narrative & Audio-Visual Competences, Individiualisation / Personalisation through Digital Media

Prof. Dr. Irina Nikolaeva (General Linguistics)

syntactic typology, historical linguistics, lexicalistic grammar theories, construction grammar, LFG, HPSG, documentation and description of endangered Siberian languages

Dr. Helena Olfert (Center for Multilingualism and Language Acquisition)

heritage and minority language acquisition and maintenance, heritage and minority language education, teacher professionalization for multilingualism, multilingualism and literacy acquisition

Prof. Dr. Christina Ossenkop (Romance Studies)

research on language contact, feminine professional titles in the Romance-spreaking world

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Pavel Ozerov (General Linguistics)

Information and discourse management, Tibeto-Burman languages (Burmese, Kuki-Chin-Naga languages), Modern Hebrew, minority languages of Myanmar and Northeast India, language documentation and description

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Julia Reckermann (English Philology)

Teaching Englisch to young language learners, English in kindergarten, CLIL

(currently not available for new supervisions)

Dr. Laura Reimer (German Philology)

language processing, primary and secondary meaning, expressive meaning, information structure, speech disorder

Prof. Dr. Sarah Schimke (German Philology)

finiteness and information structure, producing and understanding referential expressions, text comprehension, first and second language aquisition, language comparison German-French

(associate member - not available for new supervisions)

Dr. Yazgül Şimşek
(German Philology)

multilingualism, second language acquisition, language contact (German, Turkish, Kurdish), ineractional linguistic, functional pragmatic, phonology

Prof. Dr. Helmut Spiekermann (German Philology)

variational linguistics (standard language research and dialectology), main focus on Low German, phonology, applied linguistics (German as a foreign language)

Prof. Dr. Katerina Stathi (German Philology) lexicology, idiomaticity, morphosyntax, contrastive linguistics, corpus linguistics
Prof. Dr. Juliane Stude (German Philology)

language acquisition, acquisition of discourse oral – written, language awareness, language assessment, language promotion

Dr. Verena Wecker (German Philology)

language acquisition, German as a second language, morphology, language didactics, teaching grammar