My research specialism is psycholinguistics. I am particularly interested in the processing of morphologically complex words, i.e. words like 'post office', 'snow broom' and 'butterfly', in speech production and comprehension. Phonological and semantic processing, again with a focus on morphologically complex words, are other areas of interest.

At the Institute of Biomagnetism and Biosignal Analysis I supervise doctoral theses, mainly on face processing and play behaviour. The focus is on the processing of emotional expressions, learning and the influence of tDCS on processing. Theses on emotion processing in limbic encephalitis or neural correlates of consciousness are carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Medical Psychology and Systems Neuroscience.

Reaction times are the main dependent variable in my research. Eye-tracking, first fixation duration and gaze duration, as well as ERP complents the RT-analyses. In recent years, ERP-analyses start to replace the RT-analyses.

Besides teaching and reseach, I supervise the library of the Institute for Psychology.