The Graduate School's administration consist of:

 The Board of Managing Directors
The Board of Managing Directors consists of the spokesperson and his/her deputy from the supervisors. The spokesperson and deputy spokesperson are professors of the teaching staff plenum and are elected every two years in the plenum. The board also includes the spokesperson and deputy spokesperson of the doctoral students. These are elected annually.
The tasks of the Board are initially to represent the doctoral programme within and outside the University of Münster. The board is also responsible for the supervision and teaching programme and prepares resolutions for the plenum of lecturers. The spokespersons of the doctoral students also represent the interests of all doctoral students vis-à-vis the supervisors.

The plenum of lecturers consists of all lecturers who are part of the doctoral programme and teach in the field of linguistics at the University of Münster, i.e. associated members are only passive members. The plenum meets twice a year to pass resolutions on all matters concerning the doctoral programme. The lecturers are also available as supervisors for doctoral projects.