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2024-05-02 Vortragsankündigung Santander 2024 eng
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Michael's and Kristin's contributions to the Photonics West conference were funded by the Santander Mobilitätsfonds of the University of Münster. As a part of this funding they present their personal and technical experiences: Kristin will talk about the daily routine on a conference and about her current research on stimulated Raman scattering, whereas Michael will tell about optical clocks and their precision. The talks take place on May 2, 12:30 h in the seminar room 222 in the Institute of Applied Physics.
All students of the faculty are kindly invited.

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New publication on Optics Express! In this paper, Ming demonstrated an efficient and widely tunable synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator (OPO) exploiting four-wave mixing in a silicon nitride waveguide.  This waveguide-based OPO (WOPO) exhibited a high conversion efficiency of up to -7.64 dB and generated up to 387 pJ idler pulse energy. This WOPO represents a significant improvement of conversion efficiency as well as output energy among χ3-WOPOs, rendering an important step towards a highly efficient and widely tunable chip-based light source, e.g., for coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering. See the publication.

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The RamanFest (International Conference on Advanced Applied Raman Spectroscopy) brings together experts from research and industry to discuss the latest developments and applications of Raman microscopy.

Kristin and Nick were part of the conference program in Paris and presented their work on background signal suppression using frequency modulation in stimulated Raman scattering and balanced detection. As a bonus, Kristin was awarded the prize for the best PhD poster.

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We were once again at the BachelorMaster day to showcase the work in our research group and possible topics for student theses.

It was particularly important to us to draw the students' attention to the combination of experimental and theoretical work and the many areas of application of our research. In the following week students had the opportunity to get to know our experiments in detail during a guided tour through our labs.

We are still looking for students who would like to write their thesis in the Optical Technologies group! If you are interested, please contact us at

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Every research group benefits from the experience of its alumni. We were therefore delighted to see so many of them at our network meeting. Progress in our current research fields (nonlinear microscopy, waveguide-based light sources and transverse modes) was presented and the future direction of the group was discussed.

It is remarkable how many exciting career paths have developed after the time in the working group. From the development of specialized laser systems in their own start-up to the assessment of traffic accidents: Applied physics opens up many career paths!


Latest Research Articles (Journals)

  • Gao, Ming; Lüpken, Niklas M; Fallnich, Carsten. . ‘Highly efficient and widely tunable Si₃N₄ waveguide-based optical parametric oscillator.’ Optics Express 32. doi: 10.1364/OE.515511.
  • Zwilich, Michael; Fallnich, Carsten. . ‘Continuous beam scanning by transverse mode-locking in a Pound-Drever-Hall stabilized resonator.’ Optics Express . [accepted / in Press (not yet published)]