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The environment of a university is diverse and dynamic, and this also applies to the preparation of employment contracts at the University of Münster and also in our working group. From time to time, scientific staff finishes the doctorate, or the employees want to use the statutory parental leave or accept a new professional challenge in another place. Then it is necessary to fill the gap left behind with new competence. And in the case of new additional funding projects, the total number of employees must also be temporarily increased. Accordingly, we are always interested in identifying qualified and motivated personnel for cooperation in the Working Group of Optical Technologies. For this reason, you can find information on current vacancies listed below or on the relevant internet websites of the University of Münster.

Are you interested in working in the Working Group of Optical Technologies as a student assistant or in a doctorate? Unfortunately, there is no current vacancy for you? If so, please contact the Workgroup Leader. In a personal (telephone) conversation, it can often be quickly clarified whether possibilities for future cooperation exist.

Bachelor's and Master's theses are awarded independently of the currently open positions. If you are interested in a thesis in the working group Optical Technologies, please visit our list of topics and contact us for availability, discussion of details and a possible start date.

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