The Optical Technologies group is doing research in the fields of laser development and nonlinear optics.

Laser Concepts

The Optical Technologies group concentrates on application-specific proprietary developments and the realization of new laser concepts. The work is focused on diode-pumped solid-state lasers, which are essentially based on rare-doped glass fibers. Most of the laser developments are designed to produce ultrafast light pulses with pulse durations ranging from a few picoseconds down to a few tens of femtoseconds. Additional information on the corresponding research topics can be accessed via the icon.

Nonlinear Optics

In the Optical Technologies group, optical parametric generators, amplifiers and oscillators are used to provide tunable light sources in the near- to mid-infrared wavelength range for non-linear Raman microscopy and other spectroscopic fields of application. These frequency converters are typically pumped with ultrafast laser beam sources. Further information on the principles and applications of these laser beam sources can be found via the icon.