Sexual Harassment Policy and Contact Persons

The message of the WWU’s Agreement on Respectful and Cooperative Behaviour (PDF [de]), which applies to all members of the university, is unmistakably clear: We do not tolerate misconduct such as sexual harassment, bullying, stalking and discrimination. We regard these as infringements of personal rights. Our aim is to ensure a humane and safe work and educational environment, which is a shared responsibility of the entire WWU community. Thus, if you see something, say something and report incidents of sexual harassment to someone who is able to help.

Affected staff members and students are strongly encouraged to seek a conversation with a trusted person if they do not wish to report such an incident through official channels. The Office for Equal Opportunities lists numerous offices and contact persons inside and outside the WWU:
Sexual harassment contact persons [de]

Contact persons at the Faculty of Philology:

Prof. Dr. Christine Dimroth
Institute of German Language and Literature
+49 251 83-24141

Dr. Katharina Grabbe [de]
Institute of German Language and Literature
+49 251 83-24577

We assure you that you will not suffer any personal or professional disadvantages as a result of making a complaint and that no measures will be taken without your consent.