Dean's Office

The Faculty of Philology is managed by the Dean’s Office, an administrative body comprised of the Head of Faculty (Dean) and up to four Vice-Deans. One of the vice-deans is responsible for overseeing the area of teaching and student affairs (Dean of Studies). The Head of Faculty is also the chair of the Faculty Board and represents the faculty within the University.

Prof. Dr.  Eric Achermann
Prof. Dr. Eric Achermann
Dean, Head of Faculty
Institute of German Language and Literature
T: +49 251 83-24408
Consultation hours: Monday and Thursday 1-2 pm (only after registration by email)
Prof. Dr.  Klaus Stierstorfer
Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer
Vice-Dean for Research, Deputy Head of Faculty
English Department
T: +49 251 83-24291
Prof. Dr.  Syrinx von Hees
Prof. Dr. Syrinx von Hees
Vice-Dean for Career Development
Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies
T: +49 251 83-24872
Prof. Dr.  Tobias Leuker
Prof. Dr. Tobias Leuker
Vice-Dean for Teaching and Student Affairs (Dean of Studies)
Department of Romance Studies
T: +49 251 83-21189
Prof. Dr. Silvia Reuvekamp
Prof. Dr. Silvia Reuvekamp
Vice-Dean for Digitalization and Development of New Teaching Formats
Institute of German Language and Literature
T: +49 251 83-25499