All you need is … Beethoven!
6th mensch.musik.festival 2020/21

It should have taken place on the third weekend of November, the mensch.musik.festival 2020 of the University of Music. But can you imagine a festival without crowds, lively conversations during the breaks and carefree togetherness? - Not us! Especially not after the festival experiences of the last five years and the particularly spectacular celebrations of the joint 100th anniversary of the Musikhochschule, WSfM and the symphony orchestra in 2019, which we look back on with pleasure.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the mensch.musik.festival in its usual format is not compatible with the required Corona protections. Nevertheless, we want to play the festival motto All you need is ... Beethoven! Instead of the compact festival on one weekend, in 2020 we will highlight outstanding concerts of the entire winter semester under the festival umbrella All you need is ... Beethoven! with special media presence. In a sense, the mensch.musik.festival will be stretched out in time as a sum of individual concerts.

We will use the generous funding from the University Society, to whom we extend our sincere thanks for their support and flexibility, to cover the additional organizational costs and a festival-worthy staging of these concerts. The continuation of the festival next year will be secured by donations from our audience. Many thanks for this in advance! - Admission is free, please note the new rules for registration and concert attendance.


Beethoven changed music significantly and had a decisive influence on the world of music. Therefore, he fits perfectly into our present time with its manifold changes on all levels. The revolutionary Beethoven is the godfather of all innovative and revolutionary musical genres. And whether his music is handled more traditionally by today's musicians or developed further in a visionary way - Beethoven remains as musically current as ever.
Many of the concerts of the winter semester promise to be outstanding, 11 of which we would like to recommend to you under the festival umbrella All you need is ... Beethoven! The students of his class and Prof. Arnulf von Arnim invite you to hear and understand Beethoven on November 29. The cello class of Prof. Matias de Oliveira Pinto will devote two concerts on November 3 and December 16 to Beethoven's cello sonatas. The chamber music class of Prof. Birgit Erichson will perform Beethoven's complete piano trios in the series "In Search of Perfect Sound". Four concerts on November 8, December 7, January 17 and February 7 are scheduled for this extensive body of work. Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hüppe enriches his always extraordinary ideas for listening with Beethoven's compositions on January 27 as well as on February 10 and 17. Last but not least, Beethoven's Diabelli Variations will be heard in the first part of the semester opening, which will be recorded by WDR as a campus concert. - WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?