DFG extends Collaborative Research Centre "Geometry: Deformations and Rigidity"

Many CRC researchers gathered to celebrate the good news.
Many CRC researchers gathered to celebrate the good news.
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Great news for Mathematics Münster: The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) has approved the extension of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) "Geometry: Deformations and Rigidity". The researchers will receive a funding of 8.5 million euros for another four years in order to further develop geometry both as a discipline in its own right and and as a tool for other mathematical areas. The spokesperson of the CRC is Prof. Dr. Eugen Hellmann, his deputies are Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wilking and Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Winter.

CRC spokesperson Prof. Dr. Eugen Hellmann
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The 18 research projects of the CRC are part of four research areas: "Arithmetic Geometry and Representation Theory", "Differential Geometry and Analysis", "Topology and Group Theory" and "Operator Algebras and Noncommutative Geometry". The common approach taken by all projects is to investigate specific mathematical problems by means of two antagonistic geometric concepts:     deformations and rigidity. These can be used in many different situations; this means that, with regard to method transfer, they are particularly productive.

" This overarching approach has led to some excellent scientific results since the CRC started its work in 2020, for example in the Langlands programme and in the research fields of positive curvature  manifolds, K-theory, group theory and C*-algebras,"  says Eugen Hellmann. " Moreover, it has enabled valuable interactions between different projects. We would like to build on this in the second funding  period  and further intensify this  interplay."

CRC map
Schematic representation of the interplay of projects via overarching objectives.
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Renowned and newly appointed scientists provide inspiration and additional projects. "We are very pleased that Eva Viehmann, who was recently honoured with a Leibniz Prize, and Gustav Holzegel, who holds a Humboldt Professorship, and their research groups are now involved in our CRC."

An important concern of the CRC is to pass on the research content and the idea of collaboration across working groups to the next generation of researchers, the doctoral researchers and postdocs who are involved in the CRC. "That's why we are proud that four of the 23 investigators this time are early career scientists," says Eugen Hellmann.

CRC 1442 Geometry: Deformations and Rigidity

Press release of DFG (31 May 2024) [de]

Press release of Uni Münster (31 May 2024)