New Münster Research Fellow: Claude Warnick

Claude Warnick
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Dr Claude Warnick (University of Cambridge) joins our Cluster as Münster Research Fellow. He studies non-linear partial differential equations, specifically the Einstein equations of general relativity. He is mainly known for his papers on asymptotically anti-de Sitter space times and developing a rigorous theory of quasinormal modes for a large class of black hole spacetimes. His work combines methods from PDE analysis and geometry often exploring direct connections to microlocal analysis and theoretical physics.

During his stay in Münster from 1 October to 31 December 2021, Claude Warnick will collaborate with Gustav Holzegel on the analysis of black hole spacetimes. He will enjoy interactions with the geometry group as well as with the researchers of the Institute of Analysis and Numerics. "It is my first time in Münster, and I am looking forward to many interactions with local mathematicians and other visitors, as well as exploring the city and surrounding area," he says.

At the conference "New Trends in Geometric PDEs" (1-5 November 2021) which is part of the Focus Programme "Geometry and PDEs: from theory to applications", he will be contributing as speaker.


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