Ready for the next step

Completed dissertations in summer semester 2021
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Several doctoral students of Matheamtics Münster completed their dissertation this semester. Congratulations and all the best for the next steps!

Yannic Bröker: Stochastic heat equation and Gaussian multiplicative chaos in the Wiener space
Supervisors: Mukherjee, Huesmann

Tobias Leibner: Model reduction for kinetic equations: moment approximations and hierarchical approximate proper orthogonal decomposition
Supervisors: Ohlberger, Klar (Kaiserslautern)

Ramona Sasse: Mutual Information based Parameter Extraction for Spreading Cell Colonies
Supervisors: Wirth, Burger

Hauke Hendrik Seidel: Topics on Random Polynomials and Random Polytopes
Supervisors: Kabluchko, Thäle (Bochum)

Divya Sharma: Tangent spaces to the Teichmüller space from the energy-conscious perspective
Supervisors: Weiss, Schürmann

Markus Zeggel (né Schmetkamp): Bounded Isomorphism Conjectures and Asymptotically Faithful Covers
Supervisors: Bartels, Joachim