New Young Research Fellow: Martin Holler

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Ass.-Prof. Dr. Martin Holler (University of Graz) will join our Cluster as Young Research Fellow. His field of research is the mathematics of inverse problems and data science. He is well-known for his rigorous approaches to the very modern area of dynamic and multi-modality inverse problems as well as for his contributions to nonsmooth and model-based regularization in various contexts. During his stay in Münster from 9 July to 9 August 2021, he will work on a joint project with Prof. Dr. Benedikt Wirth in dynamic inverse problems. "I am looking forward to the excellent research environment in Münster and to a productive time", says Martin Holler.

After obtaining his PhD in Mathematics in 2013, he worked as postdoc mainly at the University of Graz, but also at the École Polytechnique in Paris and the University of Cambridge. He currently holds an assistant professor position at the University of Graz.

The tools he uses range from variational methods and convex analysis all the way to the mathematics of machine learning. His interests connect to several Münster working groups, in particular, in the area of dynamic inverse problems and machine learning, via which he also bridges to stochastics. Via data science he also connects to geometry, as can be seen from relevant publications as well as him editing (together with Philipp Grohs and Andreas Weinmann) the Springer Handbook of Variational Methods for Nonlinear Geometric Data.

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