Ready for the next step

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Several doctoral reseachers who were, and in some cases still are, members of Mathematics Münster completed their dissertations in mathematics in the past winter semester. Congratulations and all the best for the next steps!

Julia Brunken: Stable and efficient Petrov-Galerkin methods for certain (kinetic) transport equations
Supervisors: Ohlberger, Smetana (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Nils Arne Dreier: Hardware-Oriented Krylov Methods for High-Performance Computing
Supervisors: Engwer, Grigori (Paris)

Ina Humpert: Mathematical Models of Transport Phenomena with In- and Outflow
Supervisors: Pietschmann (Chemnitz), Wirth

Marcel Dominique Koch: Generating Block-Structured Kernels for Low Order Finite Element Methods - A High-Performance Oriented View
Supervisor: Engwer

Matthias Kemper: Gromov Hyperbolic Manifolds, Weighted Isoperimetry and Bubbles
Supervisors: Kramer, Lohkamp

Timo Siebenand: Exotic Group C*-Algebras and crossed Products
Supervisors: de Laat, Echterhoff

Michael Wenske: Data-aware methods for the simulation of glioblastoma multiforme
Supervisors: Engwer, Wolters