Interview with Prof. Jensen, Prof. Deninger and Prof. Ohlberger (from left to right).
© WWU/Judith Kraft

“It’s the young people who drive this development”

The University of Münster's yearbooks are a compilation of the most important events and statistics from the previous year. They show how broad and diverse the spectrum of academic work, research and teaching is at the University of Münster. Recently, the Yearbook 2019 was published.

A highlight last year was that the two Clusters of Excellence started up (again): The Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics" continued at the beginning of 2019, and our new Cluster "Mathematics Münster" started its work. In an interview, Prof. Nils Jansen – the spokesperson for "Religion and Politics" since the beginning of 2019 – and our two spokespersons for "Mathematics Münster", Prof. Christopher Deninger and Prof. Mario Ohlberger, talk about the plans and perspectives which the two Clusters have.

Interview with the Clusters' spokespersons

Full version of the Münster University's Yearbook 2019