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The University of Münster has set itself the goal of reducing the structural disadvantage of women in various career paths in the public service through a targeted equity policy. In its equity policy, the University of Münster distinguishes between gender mainstreaming on the one hand and the targeted creation of equal opportunities for women and men on the other. Within the framework of our in-house professional training programme, equity-oriented measures are designed that take into account the fact that there are diverse life situations of women and men and thus also diverse training interests and needs. This section brings together at a glance the professional training offers that are specifically tailored to the needs of the target group of women and take into account the different qualification and life phases, as well as working and career conditions of women.

In addition to the courses offered here, we would like to draw your attention to the following programs:

Women in University Management
Mentoring Program Erstklassig!
WiRe Fellowships - Women in Research

Course overview