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244. Bong J-H, Lee SJ, Jung J, Sung JS, Kang M-J, Kim HO, Lee M, Jose J, Pyun J-C (2024) Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Biosensor for the Detection of SARS‑CoV‑2 Using Autodisplyaed FV‑antibodies on Outer Membrane of E. coli, BioChip J, 18:146-159, IF: 4.3
243. Jung J, Sung JS, Kim T-H, Kang M-J, Jose J, Shin H-J, Pyun J-C (2024) One‑Step Immunoassay for the Detection of SARS‑CoV‑2 Nucleocapsid Protein Using Screened Fv‑Antibodies, BioChip J, published online 4.3
242. Haidar S, Amesty A, Oramos-Royo S, Götz C, El-Awaad E, Kaiser J, Bödecker S, Arnold A, Aichele D, Amaro-Luis JM, Estévez-Braun A, Jose J (2024) 1,2,3-Triazole-totarol conjugates as potent PIP5K1α lipid kinase inhibitors, Bioorg Med Chem, 105:117727, IF: 3.5
241. Kohlmann P, Krylov S, Marchand P, Jose J (2024) FRET assays for the identification of C. albicans HSP90-Sba1 and human HSP90α-p23 binding inhibitors, Pharmaceuticals, 17:516, IF: 4.6
240. Schreiber S, Gercke D, Lenz F, Jose J (2024) Application of an alchemical free energy method for the prediction of thermostable DuraPETase variants, Appl Microbiol Biotechnol, 108:305, IF: 5.0
239.  Hardebeck S, Jácobo Goebbels N, Michalski C, Schreiber S, Jose J (2024) Identification of a potent PCNA-p15-interaction inhibitor by Autodisplay based Peptide Library Screening, Microb Biotechnol, 17:e14471, IF: 5.7
238. Sung JS, Han Y, Yun TG, Jung J, Kim T-H, Piccinini F, Kang M-J, Jose J, Lee M, Pyun J-C (2024) Monocarboxylate transporter-1 (MCT-1) inhibitors screened from autodisplayed FV-antibody library, Int J Biol Macromol, 265:130854., IF: 8.2
237. Bong J-H, Dombovski A, Birus R, Cho S, Lee M, Pyun J-C, Jose J (2024) Covalent Coupling of Functionalized Outer Membrane Vesicles (OMVs) to Gold Nanoparticles, J Colloid Interface Sci, 663:227-237., IF: 9.9
236. Dombovski A, Steigerwald R, Ritter N, Disse P, Goerges G, Osthues J, Aymanns I, Dilkaute C, Schreiber J, Düfer M, Seebohm G, Wünsch B, Jose J (2024) A novel fluorescent labeling compound for GluN2A containing N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors identified by Autodisplay-based screening, J Pharm Anal, accepted
235. Sung JS, Kim S, Jung J, Kim T-H, Kwon S, Bae HE, Kang M-J, Jose J, Lee M, Pyun J-C (2024) Monoamine Oxidase‑A (MAO-A) Inhibitors Screened from the Autodisplayed Fv-Antibody Library, ACS Pharmacol Transl Sci, 7:150-160., IF: 6.0
234. Saenger T, Schulte MF, Vordenbäumen S, Herrmann FC, Bertelsbeck J, Meier K, Bleck E, Schneider M, Jose J (2024) Structural analysis of breast-milk αS1-casein: an α-helical conformation is required for TLR4-stimulation, Int J Mol Sci, 25:1743, IF: 5.6
233. Gesing K, Lenz F, Schreiber S, Kasimir M, Humpf H-U, Jose J (2023) Surface display and engineering of laccase CotA for increased growth of Pseudomonas putida on lignin, ChemCatChem, 16, e202301055., IF: 4.5
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230. Jung J, Sung JS, Bong J-H, Kim T-H, Kwon S, Bae HE, Kang M-J, Jose J, Lee M, Shin H-J, Pyun J-C (2023) One-step immunoassay of SARS-CoV-2 using screened Fv-antibodies and switching peptides, Biosens Bioelectron, 245:115834., IF: 12.6
229. Possart K, Herrmann FC, Jose J, Schmidt TJ (2023) In Silico and In Vitro Search for Dual Inhibitors of the Trypanosoma brucei and Leishmania major Pteridine Reductase 1 and Dihydrofolate Reductase, Molecules, 28:7526., IF: 4.6
228. Wegner T†, Dombovski A†, Gesing K, Köhrer A, Elinkmann M, Karst U, Glorius F, Jose J (2023) Combining lipid-mimicking-enabled transition metal and enzyme
mediated catalysis at the cell surface of E. coli, Chem Sci, 14:11896 – 11906., IF: 8.4
† These authors contributed equally to this work
227. Bong J-H, Birus R, Dombovski A, Pyun J-C, Jose J (2023) Development of Novel Outer Membrane Vesicle-Nanoparticles (Omv-Nps) Using Bioorthogonal Chemistry, SSRN.
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225. Hardebeck S, Schreiber S, Adick A, Langer K, Jose J (2023) A FRET based assay for the identification of PCNA inhibitors,, 2023070433.
224. Gasse C, Srivastava P, Shepers G, Jose J, Hollenstein M, Marlière P, Herdewijn P (2023) Controlled E. coli aggregation mediated by DNA and XNA hybridization, ChemBioChem, 24:e202300191., IF: 3.2
223. López-Rojas P, Haidar S, Jürgens FM, Aichele D, Amesty A, Estévez-Braun A, Jose J (2023) Synthesis and biological evaluation of anthracene-9,10 dione derivatives as CK2 inhibitors, Results Chem, 6:100997., IF: 2.3
222. Jung J, Bong J-H, Soo Sung J, Park J-H, Kim T-H, Kwon S, Kang M-J, Jose J, Pyun J-C (2023) Immunoaffinity biosensors for the detection of SARS-CoV-1 using screened Fv-antibodies from an autodisplayed Fv-antibody library, Biosens Bioelectron, 115439., IF: 12.6
221. Wojciechowski MN, Schreiber S, Jose J (2023) A Novel Flow Cytometry-Based Assay for the Identification of HCN4 CNBD Ligands, Pharmaceuticals, 16:710., IF: 5.215
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219. Nickelsen A, Götz C, Lenz F, Niefind K, König S, Jose J (2023) Analyzing the interactome of human CK2β in prostate carcinoma cells reveals HSP70-1 and Rho guanin nucleotide exchange factor 12 as novel interaction partners, FASEB Bioadv, 15:314-330., IF: 2.7
218. Goracci L, Nurisso A, Roussel E, Pérès B, Chaptal V, Falson P, Marminon C, Jose J, Le Borgne M, Boumendjel A (2023) Inhibitors of ABCG2-mediated multidrug resistance: Lead generation through computer-aided drug design, Eur J Med Chem, 248:115070., IF: 7.088
217. Sung JS, Bong J-H, Yun TG, Han Y, Park Y, Jung J, Lee SJ, Kang M-J, Jose J, Lee M, Pyun J-C (2022) Antibody-Mediated Screening of Peptide Inhibitors for Monoamine Oxidase-B (MAO-B) from an Autodisplayed FV Library, ACS Bioconjugate Chem, 33:1166–1178., IF: 6.069
216. Eenink BDG, Kaminski TS, Bornberg-Bauer E, Jose J, Hollfelder F, van Loo B (2022) Vector Redesign and In-Droplet Cell-Growth Improves Enrichment and Recovery in live Escherichia coli, Microb Biotechnol, 15:2845–2853., IF: 6.575

Jose J (2022) Es gilt, umzudenken: Über das Nachhaltigkeitspotential von Palmöl
Blog post in: Nach(haltig)­gedacht (Der Blog des Zentrums für Interdisziplinäre Nachhaltigkeitsforschung)

215. Bayart C, Mularoni A, Hemmani N, Kerachni S, Jose J, Gouet P, Paladino J, Le Borgne M (2022) Tetanus Toxin Fragment C: Structure, Drug Discovery Research and Production, Pharmaceuticals, 15:756., IF: 5.215
214. Bhatia S, Spanier L, Bickel D, Dienstbier N, Woloschin V, Vogt M, Pols H, Lungerich B, Reiners J, Aghaallaei N, Diedrich D, Frieg B, Schliehe-Diecks J, Bopp B, Lang F, Gopalswamy M, Loschwitz J, Bajoghli B, Skokowa J, Borkhardt A, Hauer J, Hansen F, Smits S, Jose J, Gohlke H, Kurz T (2022) Development of a First-in-Class Small Molecule Inhibitor of the C-terminal Hsp90 Dimerization, ACS Cent Sci, 8:636–655., IF: 18.728
Phoenix Pharmazie Wissenschaftspreis 2023
213. Tian H, Furtmann C, Lenz F, Srinivasamurthy V, Bornscheuer UT, Jose J (2022) Enzyme cascade converting cyclohexanol into εcaprolactone coupled with NADPH recycling using surface displayed alcohol dehydrogenase and cyclohexanone monooxygenase on E. coli, Microb Biotechnol, 15:2235–2249., IF: 6.575
212. Asif M, Kaygusuz E, Shinawi M, Nickelsen A, Hsieh T-C, Wagle P, Budde B, Hochscherf J, Abdullah U, Höning S, Nienberg C, Lindenblatt D, Noegel A, Altmüller J, Thiele H, Motameny S, Fleischer N, Segal I, Tinschert S, Samra N, Savatt J, Rudy N, De Luca C, Fortugno P, Krawitz P, Hurst A, Niefind K, Jose J, Brancati F,  Nürnberg P, Hussain MS (2022) De novo variants of CSNK2B cause a new intellectual disability-craniodigital syndrome by disrupting the canonical Wnt signaling pathway, Hum Genet Genom Adv, 3:100111.
211. Werner C, Gast A, Lindenblatt D, Nickelsen A, Niefind K, Jose J, Hochscherf J (2022) Structural and Enzymological Evidence for an Altered Substrate Specificity in Okur-Chung Neurodevelopmental Syndrome Mutant CK2αLys198Arg, Front Mol Biosci, 9:831693., IF: 6.113
210. Sung JS, Bong J-H, Lee SJ, Jung J, Kang M-J, Lee M, Shim W-B, Jose J, Pyung J-C (2022) One-step immunoassay for food allergens based on screened mimotopes from autodisplayed FV-antibody library, Biosens Bioelectron, 202:113976., IF: 12.545
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197. Gercke D, Furtmann C, Tozakidis IEP, Jose J (2021) Highly crystalline post-consumer PET waste hydrolysis by surface displayed PETase using a bacterial whole-cell biocatalyst, ChemCatChem, 13:3479–3489., IF: 5.501
Top Downloaded Article in 2021
196. Lee SJ, Bong J-H, Jung J, Sung SJ, Kang M-J, Jose J, Pyun J-C (2021) Screening of biotin-binding FV-antibodies from autodisplayed FV-library on E. coli outer membrane, Anal Chim Acta,  1169:338627., IF: 6.911
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Most Downloaded Fitoterapia Article in October 2018
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