Research at the Faculty of Biology

At the Faculty of Biology, we put a strong focus on basic research. For this,  we utilizing third-party funding in cooperation with national and international researchers and work in close collaboration with industry.

Our faculty has defined research priorities which involve multiple institutes at our university, emphasizing the interdisciplinarity of modern biology. This is especially important in order to increase the efficiency of fundamental as well as applied research and to help maintaining and strengthening our research for years to come. In order to support this, in the last years we have begun a re-structuring process that led to a focus on three sustainable priorities. These are:

Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Bioenergetics and Metabolism
Evolution and Biodiversity
Multiscale Analysis of Cellular Systems
Neuroscience and Behaviour

With this, our faculty has created a clear structure, based on three  innovative and future-oriented research areas. These areas are covered by several of the seven institutes that comprise our faculty. Currently, the research carried out at our faculty heavily requires third-party funding. This includes DFG (German Research Society) funded research such as the Research Training Groups "Molecular basis of dynamic cellular processes" and "Molecular interactions of pathogens with biotic and abiotic surfaces" as well as involvement in various so-called "Collaborative Research Centres" (CRC). Furthermore, together with four other faculties at Münster University and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster, the Faculty of Biology has established an interfaculty research institution: the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre which brings together and supports scientists in the field "cell dynamics and imaging". We cooperate with many national and international universities and research institutes. An overview of our international cooperation can be found here.