Important Information for students

Current effects of the corona pandemic on the study program at the Faculty of Biology

June, 4th 2021

The Department of Biology has decided to continue all courses digitally after Whitsun. All other following regulations remain valid.

  • Coronavirus tests:
    From 07.06.21 until further notice:
    Instructors and students of the few in-person courses which are currently permitted: Either proof of a negative test result (48h validity) or proof of immunization (certificates/entries in vaccination certificatesis etc.) required. Self-tests were provided by the University of Münster. Alternatively, it is requested to use the free free tests offered at public testing sites.
    Students who do not attend in-person courses: the University strongly recommends that all students take advantage of the free tests offered at public testing sites.

Due to the low incidences, the testing strategy may change at short notice. We will inform you about these changes as soon as possible.

  • Courses:
    All courses should be conducted digitally if possible. The Dean's Office decides on exceptions for third year modules in the BSc Biosciences and research as well as advanced modules in the Master's programs or in the Bachelor HRSGe. If an approval is available, the lecturers inform the students immediately that the module will be conducted in presence. Students can withdraw from participation without giving reasons. All other courses will be held digitally.
  • Final theses:
    Independent research theses are still possible, provided that all distance and hygiene regulations are respected. This includes work on doctoral projects.
    Already started experimental final theses in the department's Bachelor's and Master's degree programs may be resumed if their discontinuation would lead to a significant delay in the course of study or if the discontinuation would represent an undue hardship; these decisions must be justified and documented by the Dean's Office. Final laboratory practical work that has been started and is to be continued may be resumed after notification to the Dean's Office together with a justification.
    The processing deadline for final theses that have been registered before 16.12.2020 has been extended by the Examinations Office for the lockdown period until 03.03.2021. You have received information on this from the Examinations Office.
    Please note that the Department of Biology does not provide for an automatic extension as of 04.03.2021, as the experimental final theses can generally be continued in compliance with the currently applicable protective measures.
    If, in individual cases, a deadline extension beyond this is necessary due to delays directly related to the Corona pandemic, this must be requested via an informal application to the Examinations Office.
  • Examinations:
    Teaching and examinations in presence are not allowed. There may be exceptions for Specialisation modules (BSc Biosciences) and Advanced and Research modules (MSc, MEd, Bachelor HRSGe). If approval has been granted, instructors will inform students immediately that the module will be conducted in presence. Students may withdraw from participation without giving reasons.
  • Masks (covering both the mouth and the nose):
    A medical masks ( § 3 Absatz 1 Satz 2 der Coronaschutzverordnung) must be worn in all WWU buildings and in the case of face-to-face events (laboratory practicals, field research, private lessons, exams).
  • From April 13th 2020 oral examinations may take place as online video-examinations. Your examination office provides you with further information (Leitfaden zur Durchführung von Online-Videoprüfungen für die Dauer der Corona-Krise)
  • Consultation hours of the staff at Schlossplatz 4 are cancelled. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

We will keep you updated here. Please also visit this WWU website for further information.

Incoming exchange students may contact the International Office, international students may contact "Die Brücke" for advice.

  • Sick note

    Should you be sick on the date of an exam or a class which requires attendance please call in sick immediately and hand in the doctor's sick note (the official "Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung", a yellow form) as soon as possible (this means handing it in to the examination office on the third day of your sickness the latest, otherwise it will not be accepted).
    Call in sick: Examination office (Tel. 83-35006) or the professor that supervises the exam.

  • Registration for Repetition of Exams

    We would like to remind you that all students have to sign up at the examination office of the Department of Biology for all retry exams of the modules' final exams at least 14 days before the day of the exam. You have the options to either register personally at the examination office or via E-mail. If you register via internet you will receive an E-mail from the examination office within three work days. If you do not receive such a confirmation please sign up again!

  • De-registration 1

    Due to recent events the following rules become effective: "Students that cannot fill their spot in a class or excursion during their Grundstudium (basic studies) or Hauptstudium (main studies) for valid reasons have to de-register with their professor and the dean's office on time! (with a doctor's note if applicable). Should an allotted spot for a class/excursion of the Grundstudium not be filled, the student loses the claim to this spot. A new spot can only be allotted if no other applicants are present. If an allotted spot is not filled during the Hauptstudium, the student will be excluded from the electronic registering process for at least one semester! Re-admittance is possible only for the semester after the next one. These rules become effective beginning at the summer semester 2003." (FBR-Decision 30.04.03)

  • De-registration 2

    To de-register you will need a form, which has to be signed by the supervisor of your class/module. This should be handed in at the dean's office. You need to de-register as soon as possible, but in any case before the preliminary discussion of the module takes place. De-registration from mandatory modules that are assigend to a certain semester is only possible if applied for with a written request to the examination office that explains the reasons.
    The form to de-register, you can download here.

  • Flexible Study Conditions

    For pregnant students, students with childs, students suffering from chronic diseases and top athletes flexible study conditions are available. Please contact the examination office.

    Pregnant women or mothers who are still nursing their babies have to take special precautions in the laboratory - thus please contact your supervisor and your study coordinator in advance of the practical work!