Teacher Evaluation

According to the Hochschulgesetz des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, universities are required to regularly evaluate the fulfillment of their tasks, particularly in the area of teaching and with regard to academic success. Evaluations serve to ensure and improve the quality of teaching and are also an important factor in the (re-)accreditation of degree programs.

The evaluation procedure at the University of Münster follows the Ordnung für das Qualitätsmanagement in Studium und Lehre der Universität Münster (QM-Ordnung), the Evaluationsordnung, and the data protection guidelines. All surveys are carried out using the EvaSys software.

Participation in the evaluation is one of the duties of all teaching and research staff and all students (Evaluationsordnung § 3.2). According to the QM-Ordnung, all courses must be evaluated regularly (at least once every other year).

Further information on student course evaluation at the University of Münster can be found here.

Publication of the results

The results of all teaching evaluations of a semester are published at the end of the semester in a shortened, summarized report on the department's website. Access to the evaluation reports is only possible with a university ID.



contact person at the faculty of biology
Dr. Franziska Visser

contact EvaSys and central coordination of evaluation
Johannes Friederich
Strategische Planung und Akademisches Controlling (Abt. 5.3)

further contacts
Koordinierungskommission für Evaluation