Study Programs

Currently, the Faculty of Biology offers courses at both bachelor and master level. The bachelor program is typically completed within a 6 semester time frame, that is 3 years. The consecutive master program typically requires another 4 semesters. The bachelor programs start to winter semester only, while master programs start to both winter and summer semester.

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science

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BSc Biosciences

The bachelor program is completed within a 6 semester time frame.

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MSc Biosciences

The MSc program Biosciences is characterized by its broad variety of subjects and reflects the dynamics of a quickly developing area of research. This study course is an excellent preparation for a doctorate course in the life sciences.

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MSc Biotechnology

The MSc Biotechnology is characterized by a distinct research orientation with a wide range of possible specializations in different core areas of modern biotechnology. In Münster the course Biotechnology is embedded into a main area of research in the department that focuses especially on examining the organism. You will be prepared for working independently on a research project and be involved in the ongoing projects. In addition, the Master Biotechnology is an excellent preparation for a doctorate as well as for doing scientific work in the industries, economies and at universities and research institutions.

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MSc Molecular Biomedicine

The degree course focuses on molecular mechanisms of cellular and disease-relevant processes. You will be prepared for the independent development of a research project and involved in the ongoing projects. The Master Molecular Biomedicine is an excellent qualification for a doctorate in the life sciences.

Teacher training programs

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