The marine biological station in Carolinesiel

The   marine biological tideland station in Carolinesiel is part of the University of Muenster. It lies along the tidelands of Lower Saxony in a four kilometer distance to the two sluice habours of  Neuharlingersiel and Harlesiel/Carolinensiel. The station was established in 1970 by the initiative of Prof. Dr. H. Rahmanns and the then-curator of the University, Mr. v. Fürstenberg. In 1972, the farmer cabin which was used as the main station house, was replaced by a modern building which has been extended and modernized many times since. The station is used for teaching purposes (field studies, practical courses and seminars) as well as for research. The stations is a self sufficient unit.

The marine station is to be of importance for teaching and research for both the department of Biology and Geoscience. As the station has been renovated and extended and as the scientific supervision has been decided, the station is now ready to devote itself to the above mentioned duties.