Alumnibeauftragte des Fachbereichs Biologie

Frau Dr. Ursula Windmüller

Schlossplatz 4
Tel. ++ 49 (0)251 / 83-2 47 41
Fax. ++ 49 (0)251 / 83-2 17 06

It is often possible to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. What could be more obvious than to make available to current students the wealth of experience of those who have already completed their studies and - in some cases - have been in professional life for years or even decades?

If you are interested in accompanying our doctoral and bachelor's and master's students with an experience report from your professional life, I would be happy to include you in my events. Several alumni have already found their way back to their "old" university and supported students and doctoral candidates in planning their career paths.

Your experience is highly sought after by our current students and doctoral candidates, especially when it comes to shaping transitions! After a successful study, a successful doctorate, now follows the step into unknown territory. Here you could now take "the lead" to shape the future and pave the way together with graduates.

I look forward to your contact!