Lea Espinoza Garrido
© Lea Espinoza Garrido

Lea Espinoza Garrido, M.A.

Chair of American Studies

Johannisstraße 12-20, Room 325
48143 Münster

Room: 325
Phone: +49 (0) 251 - 83 - 2 45 08


Please note that I am currently on maternity leave. I will therefore only check my e-mails sporadically. In urgent cases or for general inquiries about the American Studies team, please contact Chris Wahlig (americanstudies@wwu.de). Thank you.

From October 2020 onwards, Lea Espinoza Garrido is no longer a staff member at the English Department of the WWU Münster. Please find her current contact details on the website of the University of Wuppertal [de].