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Herr Christian Himpe, Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik

Member of Mathematics Münster

Herr Christian Himpe is an alumni member of the department. Below, you find some of the former contact data which may or may not still be valid.
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2016-2021Postdoc Researcher
Research InterestsModel Reduction
Combined State and Parameter Reduction
Gas Network Simulation
Dynamic Mode Decomposition
Knowledge Graphs
Current PublicationsHimpe C, Grundel S, Benner P Efficient Gas Network Simulations. German Success Stories in Industrial MathematicsMathematics in Industry, 2022, pp 17--22 online
Clees T, Baldin A, Benner P, Grundel S, Himpe C, Klaassen B, Küsters F, Marheineke N, Nikitina L, Nikitin I, Pade J, Stahl N, Strohm C, Tischendorf C, Wirsen A MathEnergy – Mathematical Key Technologies for Evolving Energy Grids. Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Power Engineering and ManagementMathematics in Industry, 2021, pp 233-262 online
Himpe C, Grundel S, Benner P Model Order Reduction for Gas and Energy Networks. Journal of Mathematics in Industry Vol. 11, 2021, pp 13 online
Himpe C Comparing (Empirical-Gramian-Based) Model Order Reduction Algorithms. Model Reduction of Complex Dynamical SystemsInternational Series of Numerical Mathematics, 2021, pp 141--164 online
Fehr J, Himpe C, Rave S, Saak J Sustainable Research Software Hand-Over. Journal of Open Research Software Vol. 9 (1), 2021 online
Grundel S, Himpe C, Saak J On Empirical System Gramians. Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM), 2019, pp e201900006 online
Benner P, Himpe C Cross-Gramian-Based Dominant Subspaces. Advances in Computational Mathematics Vol. 45 (5), 2019, pp 2533-2553 online
Himpe C, Leibner T, Rave S Hierarchical Approximate Proper Orthogonal Decomposition. SIAM J. Sci. Comput. Vol. 40 (5), 2018 online
Himpe C, Leibner T, Rave S HAPOD - Fast, Simple and Reliable Distributed POD Computation. ARGESIM Report, 2018, pp 119-120 online
Current Projects• Mathematical Research Data Initiative online
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