Julius Lohmann (Disputation): On the branched transport problem Reformulation as geometry optimization an calibration using convex duality

Oberseminar Differentialgeometrie: Gustav Nilsson (AEI Potsdam), Vortrag: Topology of Toric Gravitational Instantons

For an asymptotically locally Euclidean (ALE) or asymptotically locally flat (ALF) gravitational instanton (M,g) with toric symmetry, we express the signature o...

1. Termin: 06.06.2023 16:30:00 - 06.06.2023 18:00:00: A Control Theory of (mal)adaptive Mind and Behavior

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Oberseminar Condensed Groups: Lutz Hille: Derived categories

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Oberseminar p-adische Arithmetik: Urs Hartl: S = T I

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Dr. Bjoern Bringmann (Princeton University): The Wave Maps Equation and Brownian Paths. Kolloquium Partial Differential Equations

We discuss the (1+1)-dimensional wave maps equation with values in a compact Riemannian manifold M. Motivated by the Gibbs measure problem, we consider Brownia...

Prof. Dr. Gianni Dal Maso (SISSA, Trieste): New results on homogenisation of free discontinuity problems. Kolloquium Partial Differential Equations

We study deterministic and stochastic homogenisation problems for free discontinuity functionals under new hypotheses on the surface energies. The results are b...

March Boedihardjo (ETH Z├╝rich): Spectral norm and strong freenes. Oberseminar C*-Algebren.

We give a non-asymptotic estimate for the spectral norm of a large class of random matrices that is sharp in many cases. We also obtain strong asymptotic freene...