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Research Interestshyperbolic partial differential equations, kinetic equations, Boltzmann equation, BGK approximation
Models considering gas mixtures, chemical reactions, degrees of freedom in internal energy, plasmas
Uncertainty quantification
long-time behavior of solutions, convergence to equilibrium
Qualitative behavior of solutions such as positivity of solutions, physical properties
Existence, uniqueness of solutions
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Mathematics Münster

C: Models and Approximations

C1: Evolution and asymptotics
Current PublicationsFavre, Gianluca; Pirner, Marlies; Schmeiser, Christian Thermalization of a rarefied gas with total energy conservation: existence, hypocoercivity, macroscopic limit. Kinetic and Related Models Vol. 15, 2022 online
Pirner, Marlies On multi-species BGK models with velocity dependent collision frequencies. Oberwolfach Report No.19, 2021 online
Bae, Gi-Chan; Klingenberg, Christian; Pirner, Marlies; Yun, Seok-Bae BGK model of the multi-species Uehling Uhlenbeck equation. Kinetic and Related Models Vol. 14, 2021 online
Haack, Jeff; Hauck, Cory; Klingenberg, Christian; Pirner, Marlies; Warnecke, Sandra A consistent BGK model with velocity-dependent collision frequency for gas mixtures. Journal of Statistical Physics Vol. 184, 2021 online
Pirner, Marlies A review on BGK models for gas mixtures of mono and polyatomic molecules. Fluids Vol. 6, 2021 online
Crestetto, Anais; Klingenberg, Christian; Pirner, Marlies Kinetic/fluid micro-macro numerical scheme for a two component gas mixture. Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal Vol. 18, 2020 online
Klingenberg, Christian; Pirner, Marlies; Puppo, Gabriella A consistent kinetic model for a two-component mixture of polyatomic molecules. Communications in Mathematical Sciences Vol. 17, 2019 online
Liu, Liu; Pirner, Marlies Hypocoercivity for a BGK model for gas mixtures. Journal of Differential Equations Vol. 267, 2019 online
Pirner, Marlies On kinetic modelling of gas mixtures. , 2018 online
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AddressProf. Dr. Marlies Pirner
Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik
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