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Dr. Hendrik Ranocha, Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik

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Current PublicationsRanocha H On Strong Stability of Explicit Runge-Kutta Methods for Nonlinear Semibounded Operators. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis Vol. 41 (1), 2021, pp 654-682 online
Rojas D, Boukharfane R, Dalcin L, Fernández DCDR, Ranocha H, Keyes DE, Parsani M On the robustness and performance of entropy stable discontinuous collocation methods. Journal of Computational Physics Vol. 426, 2021, pp 109891 online
Ranocha H, Mitsotakis D, Ketcheson DI A Broad Class of Conservative Numerical Methods for Dispersive Wave Equations. Communications in Computational Physics Vol. 29 (4), 2021, pp 979-1029 online
Ranocha H, Nordström J A New Class of A Stable Summation by Parts Time Integration Schemes with Strong Initial Conditions. Journal of Scientific Computing Vol. 87, 2021 online
Ranocha H, Sayyari M, Dalcin L, Parsani M, Ketcheson DI Relaxation Runge-Kutta Methods: Fully-Discrete Explicit Entropy-Stable Schemes for the Compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing Vol. 42 (2), 2020, pp A612-A638 online
Abgrall R, Mélédo El, Öffner P, Ranocha H Error Boundedness of Correction Procedure via Reconstruction/Flux Reconstruction and the Connection to Residual Distribution Schemes. Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, ApplicationsAIMS on Applied Mathematics, 2020, pp 215-222 online
Heinisch P, Ostaszewski K, Ranocha H Towards Green Computing: A Survey of Performance and Energy Efficiency of Different Platforms using OpenCL. Proceedings of the International Workshop on OpenCLIWOCL '20, April 2020, Munich (Germany), 2020 online
Ranocha H Entropy Conserving and Kinetic Energy Preserving Numerical Methods for the Euler Equations Using Summation-by-Parts Operators. Spectral and High Order Methods for Partial Differential Equations {ICOSAHOM} 2018Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, 2020, pp 525-535 online
Ranocha H, Ostaszewski K, Heinisch P Discrete Vector Calculus and Helmholtz Hodge Decomposition for Classical Finite Difference Summation by Parts Operators. Communications on Applied Mathematics and Computation Vol. 2, 2020, pp 581-611 online
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Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik
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