Herr Shokhrukh Ibragimov, Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik

Member of Mathematics Münster
Current PublicationsGrohs P, Ibragimov S, Jentzen A, Koppensteiner S Lower bounds for artificial neural network approximations: A proof that shallow neural networks fail to overcome the curse of dimensionality. Journal of Complexity Vol. 0, 2023 online
Ibragimov, S.; Jentzen, A.; Riekert, A. Convergence to good non-optimal critical points in the training of neural networks: Gradient descent optimization with one random initialization overcomes all bad non-global local minima with high probability. , 2022 online
Ibragimov, Shokhrukh; Jentzen, Arnulf; Kröger, Timo; Riekert, Adrian On the existence of infinitely many realization functions of non-global local minima in the training of artificial neural networks with ReLU activation. , 2022 online
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AddressHerr Shokhrukh Ibragimov
Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik
Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik der Universität Münster
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