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Prof. Dr. Christian Seis, Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik

Investigator in Mathematics Münster

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C: Models and Approximations

C1: Evolution and asymptotics
C2: Multi-scale phenomena and macroscopic structures
Current PublicationsSeis C. On the Littlewood--Paley spectrum for passive scalar transport equations. J. Nonlinear Sci. Vol. 30 (2), 2020, pp 645-656 online
Seis C Diffusion limited mixing rates in passive scalar advection. Preprint arXiv:2003.08794 Vol. 2020, 2020 online
Schlichting A, Seis C The Scharfetter-Gummel scheme for aggregation-diffusion equations. Preprint arXiv:2004.13981 Vol. 2020, 2020 online
Seis C, Wiedemann E On the vanishing viscosity limit for 2D incompressible flows with unbounded vorticity. Preprint arXiv:2007.01091 Vol. 2020, 2020 online
Nobili C, Seis C Renormalization and energy conservation for axisymmetry fluid flows. Preprint arXiv:1906.07400 Vol. 2019, 2019 online
Ceci S, Seis C Vortex dynamics for 2D Euler flows with unbounded vorticity. Rev. Mat. Iberoam., accepted Vol. 2019, 2019 online
Seis C A note on the vanishing viscosity limit in the Yudovich class. Canad. Math. Bull., accepted Vol. 2020, 2019 online
Schlichting A., Seis C. Analysis of the implicit upwind finite volume scheme with rough coefficients. Numerische Mathematik Vol. 139 (1), 2018, pp 155-186 online
Seis C. Optimal stability estimates for continuity equations. Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh Sect. A Vol. 148 (A), 2018, pp 1279–1296 online
Current Projects• Transportgleichungen, Mischen und Fluiddynamik online
• EXC 2044 - C1: Evolution and asymptotics online
• EXC 2044 - C2: Multi-scale phenomena and macroscopic structures online
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AddressProf. Dr. Christian Seis
Angewandte Mathematik Münster: Institut für Analysis und Numerik
Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik der Universität Münster
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