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C: Models and Approximations

C1: Evolution and asymptotics
C2: Multi-scale phenomena and macroscopic structures
Current PublicationsChoi B, McCann R J, Seis C Asymptotics near extinction for nonlinear fast diffusion on a bounded domain. Preprint arXiv:2202.02769 Vol. 2022, 2022 online
Ceci S, Seis C On the dynamics of vortices in viscous 2D flows. Preprint arXiv 2203.07185 Vol. 2022, 2022 online
Meyer D, Seis C Propagation of regularity for transport equations. A Littlewood-Paley approach . arXiv Preprit:2203.10860 Vol. 2022, 2022 online
Ceci S, Seis C Vortex dynamics for 2D Euler flows with unbounded vorticity. Rev. Mat. Iberoam. Vol. 37 (5), 2021 online
Seis C A note on the vanishing viscosity limit in the Yudovich class. Canad. Math. Bull. Vol. 64 (1), 2021, pp 112 - 122 online
Schlichting A, Seis C The Scharfetter-Gummel scheme for aggregation-diffusion equations. IMA J. Numer. Anal. Vol. 2021, 2021 online
Nussenzveig Lopes H. J., Seis C, Wiedemann E On the vanishing viscosity limit for 2D incompressible flows with unbounded vorticity. Nonlinearity Vol. 34 (5), 2021, pp 3112–3121 online
Seis C, Winkler D A well-posedness result for a system of cross-diffusion equations. J. Evol. Equ. Vol. 21 (2), 2021, pp 2471–2489 online
Navarro-Fernández V, Schlichting A, Seis C Optimal stability estimates and a new uniqueness result for advection-diffusion equations. Preprint arXiv:2102.07759 Vol. 2021, 2021 online
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