Funding for travelling

Each year the department has a small number of stipends to support Master students' conference visits or the like (with up to 500 Euros) if this is deemed helpful for their thesis.

1) Lecturers can suggest master students (usually their supervisees) for one of the travel stipends by writing an (informal) e-mail to Benedikt Wirth, stating briefly the relevance of the trip for the Master's thesis.

2) In parallel the student has to send an e-mail to Benedikt Wirth including a short description of the travel purpose (e.g. description of the visited summer school or workshop) as well as an estimate of the travel costs.

3) After the trip the student has to write a short report (e.g. half a Din A4 page) on the experience and the impact on the Master's thesis.

In order to allow many students to participate, a student should not be supported more than once.

If the stipend is granted, then first an approval of a business trip is issued; refunding of the costs happens after the trip (though the student can issue a request for a pre-payment). Claudia Giesbert will help with the corresponding forms. If enough stipends remain, they can also be awarded via the same procedure to Bachelor students, student assistants, or students that already received funding before. In each case the suggestion must come from the supervisor.