Here you can find an overview of finished master or bachelor theses, as well as lots of possible topics for a bachelor or master thesis. If you are interested in any other topics related to our research topics feel free to contact us.

Possible Topics:

  • Dynamic compilation of C++ objects for Python
  • Shape-Optimization based on level-set methods
  • Upscaling in porous media using Multi-Scale simulation
  • Numerical differentiation without rounding erros ("complex"-trick)
  • Simulations of the hyperbolic upscaling of Poiseuille flow
  • Discontinuous Galerkin Two-Phase flow on Cornerpoint-Meshes
  • X-FEM Finite-Elements
  • inf-sup Stability for unfitted discontinuous Galerkin simulations
  • Simulation of ants and assignment of tasks


 Diploma and Master Theses

2017 „Voxel-basierte Cut-Cell Verfahren für lineare Elastizität” (Dennis Hechler) [Cooperation with Siemens AG]
2016 „Local-Maximum-Entropy methods for incompressible flow” (N. Dreier) [Cooperation with Siemens AG]
2016 „Numerical upscaling of a system of elastic-viscoelastic and reaction-diffusion equations modelling plant cell wall biomechanics” (S. Schrader)
2014 „Simulation of Pattern formation for Langmuir-Blodgett transfer” (J. Bongers)
2014 „Hohe Ordnung Lagrange-Verfahren für MEG-Simulation mit Hilfe des Subtraktionsansatzes” (F. Grüne)
2013 „Local Maximum Entropy Partikel Simulation der inkopressiblen Navier-Stokes Gleichung” (J.-G. Tenberge) [Cooperation with Siemens AG]
2013 „Evaluierung von DG Verfahren zur Simulation von EEG- / MEG-Messungen” (J. Ludewig)
2013 „Effizientes Mehrgitterverfahren für DG-Stokes Diskretisierungen” (A. Nüßing), as part of a DAAD projects

Bachelor Theses

2014 „Modellierung und Simulation räumlicher Effekte in der Epidemiologie” (S. Metelmann)
2013 „Simulation und Modellierung von Diffusions-Reaktions-Systemen in der Biologie” (S. Schrader)