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    DUNE, the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment is a modular toolbox for solving partial differential equations with grid-based methods.  It supports easy discretization using methods like Finite Elements, Finite Volumes, and also Finite Differences.

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    DUNE-PDELab is a DUNE module which defines interfaces for implementing discretization methods like Finite Element Methods (FEM), Finite Volume Methods (FV) and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (DG). The module is developed in cooperation with the group of Peter Bastian, Heidelberg. 

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    dune-grid-glue provides infrastructure for the coupling of two unrelated DUNE grids. The coupling may be overlapping or nonoverlapping, conforming or nonconforming.

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    duneuro is an open-source C++ software library for solving partial differential equations in neurosciences using mesh bases methods. It is based on the DUNE library and its main features include solving the electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) forward problem and providing simulations for brain stimulation.

    The software is developed in cooperation with the group of C. Wolters, IBB (UKM Münster) and H. Brinck, WHS Recklinghausen.

    duneuro repository

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    The TPMC library implements a topology preserving marching cubes algorithm.

    The algorithm alows to compute polyhedral reconstructions of implicitly given interfaces and subdomains. In particular it is used to geometrically evaluate integrals over domains described by a fist-order, conforming level-set function. It preserves various topological properties of the implicit geometry in its polyhedral reconstruction, making it suitable for Finite Element computations.

    The main part of the algorithm is a code generator written in python. With the library we ship the code generator and a simple C++ implementation. The code is generated and the C++ library is build during the installation process.

    TPMC repository