Rhetorical skills and presentation competence
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Rhetorical skills and competence in presenting and moderating are incredibly important for one's academic career and future profession. For students, developing speaking and discussion skills opens up a myriad of personal and professional opportunities for development. Among other things, such skills form the basis for successful participation in a democratically oriented society. Interdisciplinary presentation skills, which we take to mean the ability to present ideas in various contexts and to different target groups in an understandable way, is a prerequisite for effective communication and interaction. Many courses offer students practical tools for very specific demands in the academic and professional world, whether it be vocal training, media speaking, negotiating, conflict resolution through dialogue, production of a stage play, radio play or audio book.

In the courses offered in the "Rhetorical Skills and Presentation Competence" area of General Studies, students acquire the following skills:

  • They learn how to appropriately present and apply their knowledge during their studies.
  • They hone their communicative abilities, which will later prove useful in their professional field.
  • They work on their personal development and learn to competently participate in debates and discussions in both public and private situations.
  • In numerous courses, they acquire practical skills which will later be expected in certain occupations.

Speaking, discussion and presentation skills are taught at the University of Münster in small groups on the basis of scientific concepts. Students are expected to intensively practice their newly acquired communicative knowledge. This also involves becoming familiar with a culture of feedback which enables students to recognise the necessity of further developing and improving their skills. By teaching meta-communicative knowledge, providing training in oral forms of communication and enhancing presentation skills, the courses encourage students to develop a cooperative attitude and personality.

Responsible for the competence area: Dr. Otwin Lämke (Centre for Rhetorical Skills, Communication and Theatrical Practice)
Participating faculties and institutes: Centre for Rhetorical Skills, Communication and Theatrical Practice, FB 09