FAQs on QISPOS for students

1) How do I log into QISPOS and how do I use QISPOS?
To log into the LSF/QISPOS portal, you will need your ZIV account. If you have forgotten your password or are unsure whether it is the right one, you can find more information here. For information on how to use QISPOS, please refer to the following instructions [de].

2) Do I also have to register for degree-relevant coursework in QISPOS?
Yes, students have to register for all study- and examination-relevant coursework (degree-relevant examinations) within the QISPOS registration period. To ensure that you receive all credit points required to complete your programme, you must register (and if necessary, de-register) in QISPOS for all partial assignments and examinations administered during your studies.

3) Why do I have to register in QISPOS when I've already registered for my courses in HIS/LSF?
HIS/LSF registration enables students to organise their studies and professors to plan their courses. LSF registration is completely independent from the registration in QISPOS during the QISPOS registration period. This means that in addition to registering for your courses in HIS/LSF, you also have to register for all degree-relevant examinations and coursework in QISPOS.

4) When and how should I register for my module final examinations?
The deadlines for registering for module final examinations can differ from the QISPOS registration periods.
You can find all legally valid dates and deadlines on the webpage of the Examinations Office responsible for your degree programme. Students are occasionally required to register for the final module written examination within a certain registration period. Students are generally required to register for final module oral examinations in person at the Examinations Office within a certain registration period. For more information, visit the webpage of your Examinations Office.

5) I see a degree-relevant examination (or assignment) on the screen, but there is no registration link behind it. Why is that?
If you see a "be" in front of the degree-relevant examination (or assignment), it means you have already passed this partial examination and need not register for it again.

6) I have successfully completed a degree-relevant examination (or assignment), but I haven't received the correct number of credit points for it. What should I do?
Please notify your examiner so that he/she can discuss the problem with the Examinations Office and correct the mistake.