Work placements

Information on work placements

Practical work experience during your studies can introduce you to potential professional fields, occupations and employers. It also allows you to gather valuable experience and skills which can help you gain professional orientation and get a head-start when launching your career. The Careers Service is the University's central office for all questions regarding professional orientation, practical experience and transitioning to professional life.

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During your studies it is important to gain practical experience in your future professional field. You can learn more about work placement opportunities in a personal consultation session at the Careers Service or the University Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL). The scholarship programmes "ERASMUS+" for work placements in Europe and the "PROMOS" programme for foreign work placements provide financial support for students who wish to complete a work placement abroad.
Consultation hours at the Careers Service
Consultation hours for the ERASMUS work placement programme

Work placements in teaching degree programmes

The University Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL) at the University of Münster is responsible for all matters related to work placements for candidates of teaching degree programmes. The staff in the Work Placement Section can answer any questions you have about types of work placements and opportunities, foreign work placements, recognition requirements, application deadlines and application modalities.
University Centre for Teacher Education – Work Placement Section [de]

UNIKAP.MS Career Portal

The Careers Service of the University of Münster operates a career portal for students and graduates of the University. Some hope to be found, while others look for a position on their own. In UNIKAP.MS, you can do both! Beginning as early as your first semester, you can create your own profile so that work placement providers and potential employers can find and contact you. And if you wish to actively look for a work placement, you will find a wide variety of openings on UNIKAP.MS.
Visit the UNIKAP.MS Career Portal [de]

Scholarships for work placements abroad

The Careers Service of the University of Münster awards work placement scholarships for the programmes ERASMUS+ and PROMOS. The EU-funded programme "ERASMUS+" supports students with a monthly stipend to offset the cost of a work placement in a European country outside of Germany. The DAAD-funded "PROMOS" programme provides a travel expense allowance to students in foreign work placements.
Information about ERASMUS+
Information about PROMOS [de]