Consultation services

Professional orientation

The transition from academic to professional life can lead to countless questions. You can find the answers you need by arranging a consultation session with the Careers Service of the University of Münster. Prospective teachers should contact the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Münster. The staff there can provide you with extensive information on teacher traineeships.
Consultation on professional orientation at the Careers Service
Consultation services offered by the Centre for Teacher Education [de]

Work placements

It is important to gain practical experience during one's studies. To learn what you should bear in mind, we urge you to arrange a personal consultation session at the Careers Service or speak with the staff in the Work Placement Section of the Centre for Teacher Education. The scholarship programmes "ERASMUS+" for work placements in Europe and "PROMOS" for work placements abroad provide candidates with financial support to help offset the cost of completing foreign work placements.
Work placement consultation at the Centre for Teacher Education [de]
Consultation hours at the Careers Service on domestic and foreign work placements
Consultation hours on financing foreign work placements (ERASMUS+, PROMOS etc.)

Application check-up

Cover letter, CV, photo – writing an application is not as easy as it may seem. The Careers Service can review your application documents, provide feedback on wording, and offer advice concerning your application strategy.
Application check-up