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The University of Münster – A certified family-friendly university

The University of Münster has been a recognised “family-friendly university” since its initial certification in June 2008.
As part of the auditing process and in collaboration with all university groups, administrators have implemented many minor and major changes to improve the compatibility of professional or academic pursuits and family life for staff and students at the University.

In the current re-certification process, the University of Münster aims to demonstrate its continued commitment to being a family-friendly university. The University wants to replace the notion of “working and studying despite having children” with the more positive idea of “working and studying while raising children”, and thereby anchor and continue improving family-friendly conditions in the work, research and academic environment.



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We wish to involve all members of the University, i.e. students and staff, in the “Family Certification” project. We regard the process as a means of optimising the family-friendly structures at the University of Münster.

We invite you to share your ideas and suggestions with us, or tell us about your positive and negative experiences. Please help us improve family friendliness and ensure that necessary changes are put in place throughout the University of Münster.



The focus of the re-certification process you can find in the
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Our definition of family

In its commitment to family-friendliness, the University of Münster supports all forms of family to an equal degree. This definition is not so much oriented to formal structures, but rather extends to all employees and students who assume familial responsibilities every day, raising and caring for children, or providing care for family members.


This is already there...

  • Support in every day and family life

    Family-friendliness can only become an integral part of university culture when top-level research and teaching staff, heads of technical and administrative departments, as well as students and academic and non-academic staff follow the guidelines provided in the Family Service Office flyer for improving the compatibility of academic, career and family obligations.

    To help our staff manage the “ups and downs” of life outside the office, the University now offers flexible working hours in addition to a variety of part-time employment models.

    For (expecting) parents and their supervisors, we have developed a series of guidelines for systematising the job re-entry process following parental leaves of absence. The brochure provides information about what must be considered in the phases before, during and near the end of family-related leaves of absence.

    The University of Münster also offers staff the possibility of working from home, or “teleworking”.

    The University Senate recently repealed the mandatory course attendance requirement. This is good news for student parents who occasionally have to miss classes when their children get sick or when childcare is temporarily unavailable. As part of the certification process, all examination regulations were reviewed with regard to family-relevant issues. The regulations now recommend that student parents receive preferential treatment when seminar places are allocated.

    If you happen to organise a conference, you can borrow a toy box from the Family Service Office free of charge. The box contains toys and games for children ages four and younger. Ask in the Family Service Office for back-up-childcare and kidsbox as well.

    And last but not least there is thegranny-project "time for you, time for me" for students, employees and people who would like to become grandparents.

  • Childcare

    In addition to flexible childcare available to employees for children under the age of three, the University of Münster has established the large daycare facility “Zauberschloss” in cooperation with three freelance childminders and the Youth Office of Münster.

    The University succeeded in securing another twelve places at other childcare facilities, and the Family Service Office maintains contact to several childminders in Münster.

    Every weekday between 5:30 pm and 8 pm during the lecture period, several students are on hand in the parent-child room in the University Library to look after children aged one to ten years. Please notify the Family Service Office in advance if you require this short-term childcare.

    The Studierendenwerk Münster also provides childcare support to student parents of the University of Münster. It currently operates three facilities which offer preferential care to children of students.

    If school holidays happen to fall during the lecture period, the Family Service Office organises a diverse holiday programme for children and young teenagers ages six to fourteen. This service is primarily intended for the academic and non-academic staff of the University. Student parents may also register to have their children participate in the holiday programme if spaces are available in agreement with the Equal Opportunity Office.


  • Central service providers

    The Family Service Office provides University staff with free support and counselling on general questions concerning maternity leave, parental leave, the parental allowance and childcare possibilities. You can also receive advice when a close family member requires an increasing level of care.

    The Dual Career Service of the University of Münster provides support and advice for spouses and life partners of (prospective) staff, junior researchers and other top-level academics to offer them a career perspective in Münster or the immediate vicinity. The Dual Career Service provides procedural assistance, personal consultation and help with finding a suitable position.

    In order to be academically successful, students require support, especially if they have children or family members who depend on their care. The Equal Opportunity Office is committed to helping these students with a broad range of advice and support services, e.g. looking into childcare possibilities, applying for financial aid, requesting leaves of absence and much more.

    Of course, there are many other departments inside and outside of the University of Münster which are actively supporting the certification process. You can find more information about special counselling and support services for students and staff on this Family Portal.