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If you’re a member of the University’s staff and would like to make a film yourself, or if you have any questions relating to videos, just get in touch with us at Our team at FilmLAB and at the Communication and Public Relations department will be only too pleased to help.

Service and advice

What topics can the video team help you with?

  • Advice and production: We can help in the search for a subject, in the planning and in writing a script. And we can provide advice on using technology, post-production and distribution. We can put you in touch with the people to ask about anything relating to image rights and copyright.
  • Media competence: We offer numerous (digital) training courses, workshops and video tutorials.
  • Technology: We can advise you on purchasing your own equipment. Equipment can also be borrowed – after you have successfully completed our technology training course.
  • Producers: Depending on subject, time and budget, your video can be produced by yourself, by FilmLAB, by the Communication and Public Relations department or by external service providers.

Training courses and tutorials

Once a semester, the FilmLAB offers a two-week block training course on audiovisual media production for students and members of the University staff. In addition, FilmLAB offers training for scientists and University staff. The courses provide participants with all they need to know or do to produce videos themselves. More information on the training courses can be found in the staff portal.
Two examples of videos which have been produced during training courses are:

The FilmLAB team also produces a tutorial series that teaches important video production skills:

Video formats

The video team already produces a series of video formats, including for example:

The videos are published through various channels: