Video series

Video series about junior researchers at Münster University

In the video series “What’s Next? Junior Researchers at Münster University”, we’ll be introducing nine such researchers. What are the PhD students and postdocs at the University of Münster researching into? What do they find fascinating about their subjects? What obstacles do they have to contend with? It’s a broad spectrum: for example, what part do mathematics play in cancer research? Are there optimists and pessimists among mice? How do learning robots help us to understand algorithms? And why is the study of indigenous peoples’ languages such a challenge? We’ll be taking a closer look not only at the research topics, but also at the people who are working on them.

Videos accompanying the dossier “Sustainability at Münster University”

Sustainability at a university covers a variety of dimensions: Not only research, but also everyday operations, teaching or transfer can all contribute to sustainability. This series of videos gives insights into each of these areas, presenting examples and projects at Münster University which deal with the subject.

Series of videos: On the way to a professorship

In this new series of videos, the Communication and Public Relations department presents six academics from a variety of disciplines who are either junior professors or who head a group of junior researchers. The range of subjects they cover is a wide one: How can we improve the capacity of storage media? How can companies find the most suitable staff? How does Islam view animal welfare and environmental ethics? In addition to research topics, we will also be looking at what motivates researchers personally. What led them to their particular subject? What do they find fascinating about it? And what are the still unanswered questions in their subject? The videos will be published in regular intervals on the website and on Münster University’s YouTube channel.