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The University of Münster Foundation

For research. For knowledge. For life.

Further information on the University of Münster Foundation can be found here (in German).

Migration and climate change, an ageing society, political conflicts, digitalisation – we can only meet the challenges of our time with high-quality education and outstanding research. To achieve this, we need to create conditions which enable us to take completely new paths and develop new visions. The Stiftung WWU (University of Münster Foundation) fosters projects which would be unachievable without private support:

  • Promoting top-level research

    In addition to the general research activities carried out every day at the University of Münster, the Stiftung WWU wants to make sure that the University is able to conduct cutting-edge projects on an international scale. Help us secure the resources we need for our researchers and for our future.
  • Supporting junior talents

    Discover the brightest minds at the University of Münster and join the Stiftung WWU in getting young people excited about science, fostering gifted students and providing a promising future to our society.
  • Passing on knowledge

    The University sees itself as an engine for social improvement. Therefore, sharing and transferring knowledge gained through research is a crucial concern of the Stiftung WWU. Together we can make science popular.